Thursday, February 7, 2008

Party! (by the whippets)

[editor's note: Some stories are better told through the dogs' eyes. This is one. Normally I don't dare put words in my dogs' mouths, but occasionally they put their thoughts in mine, and I channel. Enjoy!]

So way back when the outdoors was very warm and grassy and there were sunbaths all day, the Servant's niece came with suitcases and lived in the Guest Room. Only Very Old Dog and Maria had known her when they were tiny pups. She came smelling of Big Dogs and love and sadness and we adored her right away. She is the Molly person.

And then when the leaves were to lie on and there were crispy zoomy mornings and the daylight was stingier, the Molly person left our Guest Room, but we sniffed her in the neighborhood and she came to visit us often and every time she did we raised a big ruckus and had a big howl to let her know she should move back into the Guest Room. But she didn't, so we just kept on raising bigger ruckusses and having louder howls when we heard her come in.

Last night the Servants had a Big Party, for this:

Now some gentle scaredy dogs might want to cover their eyes for this part. While our yard gate and our front door were open for the guests' arrivals, the idiot Servant put us in our dog room off the kitchen. So we couldn't take the perfect opportunity to clear the neighborhood of Evil Kitties in the streets.

The person Molly's friend took pity on us.

And then, and then, oh it hurts our hearts to report this, but our Servant is so senile that she forgot us in there when there was ingestation of many, many foods to share. The Manservant wore a party hat from Turkey. Fitting.

Persons were eating in many parts of our house. The person Molly wore a party hat because the humans needed help identifying the Party Girl, we suppose.

We were rescued by our One and Only Jeannie, whom we adore. She took pity on us and let us join in the party and we got to lick so many plates and Italian sausage serving bowls and stuffed up shells pans and all of the peoples wanted to be the ones giving us the wonderfullness and we encouraged this in them and rewarded their behavior mightily. Lucky for our Servant she gave us the stuffed up shells pan, so we immediately forgave her.

Much mutual adoration followed. Can you see the most excellent job Luciano did of leaving little white whippety hairs on Audra's pants to remember all of us by? Look at the intense love fest between our Karen (who rescued us when the manservant went to the winky doctor in Nashville), and Sam I Am. Or maybe Karen is trying to have Sam I Am for dessert? How many weight watchers' points is a Sammy I Ammy? Anyway, happy birthday from us to the person Molly whom we love.
And tonight is Maria's birthday party and we hear there might be MEATLOAF and CAKE involved!!! Stay tuned!
Hug your humans, even the senile ones who lock you up sometimes and forget... they're only human after all.


  1. oooooo...not good of the servant to forget you in the dog room. But it worked out well, since you got to play the pity card, but maybe you didn't really need it. Looks like a bunch of softies to me.

    NO weight watcher points in a Sammy...just love


    pee ess...Doggies can have meatloaf and cake in the same foodable. Then you frost it with mashed potatoes, and make marks on it with vegemables to look like human writings. That is my favorite birthday cake. I get one every year!


  2. ooohhh! It looks like such fun and yummy foods! I'm so glad the whippets got to partake a little later...Simmer and Rivet wish they were there too!!
    Happy birthday Molly person!! :-)
    Can't wait for the fun for Maria's now today... Happy Birthday sweet girl!
    laurie and simmer and rivvy and spatty

  3. Happy Birthday Maria!!!

    Your birthday is so easy to remember because it's my birthday too. :)

    I'm glad your servants finally let you out to join in all the Molly fun! Cheers!

  4. Haha - the latter few photographs make it look more like a scene from the playboy mansion though....! Much smooching.....

  5. Meatloaf AND cake??!! All I got was vanilla ice cream on my b'day Sunday! I need to speak to my Human! P-Doggy

  6. Happy Barkday Maria!

    love and hugs,

  7. Happy Birthday Great Great Gramma Marie.



  8. Darling and so heart warming. Thank you little doggies for channeling this to your servant. I needed doggie cheers today. My little cocker-mix master had a nasty tumor removed. Please put your dog paws together and ask a blessing for her. We would so appreciate it.

    P.S. Also, if you would, please tell your servant thank you for all the nice things she says about my art. You are so lucky to have her!

  9. Happy Birthday Maria!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. A Grand Time! We love a grand time with extra food, treats and lots of rubbing our ears and scratching our backsides. A Grand Time!

  11. What a great pawty. I'm glad that you guys were finally emancipated so that you could enjoy yourselves, too. Looks like all the humans were happy to see you. Then the pawty was complete.

    Happy Birthday!!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  12. I can see forgetting, one or maybe two dogs, but there are like a MILLION of you!

  13. oh my god. that picture of all those dogs behind the gate is one of the best.

    what a happy time! i want some cake!


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