Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching up

As you know dear readers, we have had a lovely visit with our wonderful friend from Minnesoooota, Laurie, and her three dogs, two of whom are immediate family. Laurie is a professional photographer so on top of having fun, fun, fun with a soul sister, I have a personal paparazzi! The weather gods being what they are, horrid angry ugly things, poor Laurie would have been warmer and certainly would have enjoyed more sunshine had she stayed in the frozen tundra. But on the last day we were at least able to bundle up and take our walks.

Sam I Am and Swede William and Lindy Loo and their Servant.

Isn't this cool? She got our reflection in a downtown shop window. Laurie is so clever!

That's the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers on the other side of the flood wall.

Then I took Laurie's camera and she posed with the Terrific Trio:

Then I was a little devilish and said, "Here doggies!"

Oh I am naughty. Notice that the dogs have all of their tag collars mixed up. We took them off to do the magical photo Laurie took of all NINE of my dogs, which you haven't seen yet, hint, hint. And we put them back on willy-nilly in a hurry. Swede William is sporting Delia's fuchsia collar here.

Then Laurie took her camera back and captured Bill getting the mail when we got home.

And we had a delightful visit with Phyllis and Maddie. Laurie and Molly were both so excited to meet them. I took these photos, but Laurie took so super photos of Maddie. Sshhh! I'm going to surprise Phyllis with them for her birthday in May!

Maddie is doing so wonderfully. She got her teeth cleaned, and apparently she came with a longstanding urinary tract infection. Now that she has been treated for that she is quite spunky! But, she is so gentle and careful with Phyllis. The neighbors take Maddie along when they walk their dog, several times a week, so she gets regular exercise.
You simply cannot help getting leaky eyes as you watch these two dear souls. Phyllis is such a gentle, kind, classy, sparkly, fun lady. And so is Maddie. And the devotion between them is lovely.

hug your hounds and your friends too


  1. Patience,
    Those are wonderful pictures. The pictures of Maddie and Phyllis are heart-warming. I am so glad that they have each other. Whippets really are the best medicine.

  2. You look perfectly in control with 3 Whippets on leashes, Patience! We sure wish we could see a picture of you with NINE!!!!
    Great picture of Phyllis and Maddie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. We think those are wonderful pictures too, but our favorite is the very last one, where Maddie shows up beautifully against the blue velour of the robe, and you can see th elove in Phyllis' hands.

    thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see ALL NINE!

    gussie and muzzer

  4. I have finally caught up..I thought fow some weason you wewen't posting cause of the visit..what a bootiful time you had!!I love the pictoowes of all the mawvelous young and old doggies..I bet you'll tweasuwe these fowevew!!
    smoochie kisses

  5. Those are some hot butt shots! Wooo! I can't wait to see more!

    But I think you broke my ma ape. Her eyes have been leaking since she read the story of Phyllis and Maddie! It is a wonderful thing when the stars align and two hearts find each other.


  6. i'm gonna start pretending that i'm the laurie from minnesota because she has such a terrific eye. and she has three dogs! why don't i know her????

  7. I'm home at last!! Thanks everyone for the kind comments about my photos.. It was sooo fun to see Patience and Bill and the Waggle and family and get to meet Molly and Phyllis and Maddie. This time I allowed a bit more time so we could do more things together an we surely did squeeze the most out of every single precious moment! Bill and Patience are the most wonderful hosts and chefs and we ate so well while we were there!! It was quite the adventure coming home but the hotel was really very welcome and nice. I only wish the wireless would've worked with my Mac so I could get more photos sent to Patience. They are on their way ....and I got an extra day off work!

    Laurie, we SHOULD meet ! That is so funny!!
    Laurie, Rivet, Spats and Simmer

  8. Nothing is greater for the soul than the love of a dog.

    We love all the pictures. I agree with Maggie and Mitch, we'd love to see all the doggies.

    Frenchie SNorts

  9. what great photos, sorry the weather stunk most of the time. Phyllis and Maddie look like kindred spirits.

  10. Loved the photo of Paducah's painted flood wall--reminds me fun times working in your county.

    Are whippets more high energy than greyhounds? I've been thinking about what kind of dog I'll adopt after Willie(don't tell him I'm thinking about this already but he's 12). I want a pretty high energy, but soft breed dogs so I can do some fostering.

  11. Wow we are behind in our reading!!On our last read you were getting ready for the visi tand now it is all over!! The last pictures gave PL2 leaky eyes sweet...Love A+A

  12. What beautiful photos. I hope we get to see the photo of 9 of you!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  13. Reading about Maddie and Phyllis - *tear*


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