Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mr. Picasso Head was here!

The dogs are at a virtual Supper Bowl Party in Arizona, hosted jointly by their blog buddies Gussie and Teka, and Joe Stains and Tanner. I'm hearing that Lindy Loo was W.I.L.D. on the dance floor, and that the Very Old Dogs are soaking up the virtual sunshine and spa treatments.

With no poop to pick up and no walks to go on I had to find some way to fill my day. As you know, my husband is an artist, so I thought "How hard can that be?" I went to and voila! Move over Bill, here I come!


Whippet picasso head

(unsigned, but the provenence is conclusive)

Patience Picasso head

(Evidence that when I am separated from my dogs even in make believe land, I suffer mightily!)

Thanks to Aynex for the fun.

Even though you have a C-A-T.


  1. I see the artsy-fartsy thing is rubbing off.

  2. Hey! Nice Peek-at-Sue! We've done some Salivator Daily.

    So will you change your blog name to "Patience-Pez"?

  3. Don't worry your Whippets will be home very soon. BOY can they put away some hot dogs, I never knew they had the room for them in those thin little bodies. Mom is starting to clean up, the trash man is not going to be happy!!!

  4. I'm suwe you miss youw sweeties, but they all had such a gweat time!!! The sun weally was gweat fow the oldew doggies, an as fow the young ones, well did we evew dance!!!

    Those pictoowes awe fun..I'll have to go twy
    smoochie kisses,Asta

  5. We love it! How very talented you are!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. How cute! I love them...Nice job!

    Woofs, Johann


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