Saturday, February 23, 2008


The dogs in this house are being absolute stars. Gems. Unmitigated ambassadors of canine perfection. Delightful hosts, hostesses, and guests, every one. My dogs are thoroughly enjoying Laurie's dogs; well, Delia could do without Lindy Loo's sister Simmer, but Delia could do without Lindy Loo, if we're being honest. But Sam I Am so loves to have his brother Rivet here, and it's just fun to see them all having a fun visit. And speaking of Lindy Loo, Swede William would like to enjoy the pants off of her, but we're at the point where we are not allowing any meeting of the minds or other parts between those two lovebirds.

The weather has just been atrocious. Freezing rain and ice everywhere. Trees are dropping like Swede William wishes Lindy Loo's pants would. Laurie gamely insists that it's better than the ten degrees below zero (that's Fahrenheit, for my foreign friends) that she left in Minnesota. But the dogs can't walk on the pointy needle ice covered grass, much less run on it. Tomorrow the forecast is for ... freezing rain. I didn't have the heart to tell her. This is supposed to be the South. (Photo copyright Laurie Erickson. Lord she can even make ice look good!)

When Laurie comes to visit, I beg her to take photos of my Kennel Club friends' dogs, and not only does she agree, she has increased in popularity so that we worked her for two solid days. I get to be the Photographer's Assistant. I help the owners position the dogs, and then quick move my body parts out of the photo when Laurie has captured their attention. This involves contortions not appropriate for old people. I am an old person. Even older than three days ago. Much older. But when the folks get to view their dogs' photos on Laurie's computer, it is so much fun to see their reactions. "Oh!" "Oh look how pretty she is!" "How, when, how did she get that shot?" "Oh, my God don't you love this one? I love this one. It's so him." Laurie is amazing.

Yesterday we started out with a litter of precious five week old lab puppies. Six of them. Laurie gave me these photos to share with you, dear readers, but of course they are all copyrighted. I love the bloopers. She called this one "back chaining."

We cannot imagine what the puppy on the right was doing! (Maybe the puppy on the left foofed?)

And then she got this perfectly adorable shot:

And this:

And she got Lindy Loo and Simmer:

And Simmer and Lindy Loo:

More fun to come!

Hug your hounds


  1. Oh I LOVE the Lindy Loo and Simmer photos, especially the second one!

    I'm glad you are having such a grand time, despite the weather.

  2. OMG, those are my sisters. They look Beautful. Aren't Laurie's photos to die for!


  3. Great pictures. The ice looks-- miserable!

    Do you think the left big black puppy is sitting on the right big black puppy's foot? Or, perhaps, the right big black puppy is just trying to SMILE for the camera.

  4. Laurie's photos are wonderful. She has captured the dogs so well. We are looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Oh gosh Patience--thanks for sharing these great photos--just what we need to lift our spirits in the February ice storms.

  6. we like the second Lindy Loo/Simmer photo better too. The lab puppies are "cute", the whippets are beautiful


  7. Love the photos! Your friend is a dogtographer! Need to talk at you soon about parking at Nashville airport-when you get some free time!

  8. Hi Patience--there's an award waiting for you over at my place. Enjoy!

  9. I love all the pictures. Especially the last one! Its so sweet!


  10. The photos are wonderful! Laurie is an expert with the camera!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. What stunning photos! The teeth baring puppy photo is a scream!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  12. Laurie is just absolutely awsome! I think she needs a trip to Norway - see wher her ancestors came from and just perhaps take a few pictures of my dogs. LOL..


  13. Being the owner of a black lab, I'm impressed she actually got them to look like more than black blobs! :)

  14. Really cool pictures! Most of the ones our mom takes, end up just being a tail or a back foot. She is definitely not the world's best photographer!

    Poppy & Penny

  15. Aww lindy loo and simmer are adorable! xx

    The puppys were so cute too!

    love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  16. Most enjoyable post. Too bad about the weather! We've been shivering because it has been in the 50's! I shall cease complaining. Photos are adorable. The tooth baring pup is fantastic. Beautiful Whippets.

  17. glad to hear the dogs are behaving and that everyone is keeping their proverbial pants on! The pictures are amazing, we loled at the lab's teeth!

  18. goldarnit! not only did she steal my name and my state, but she's damn talented, too!

    those are great pictures. all those puppies! and the one with the underbite is hilarious.

    tell her it was up to 40 degrees here yesterday; she can safely come home.

  19. Great pictures! Is that puppy smiling??
    Kisses and hugs

  20. And while you are having ice, ice and more ice. We here in upstate New York are having snow, ice, and more of both. We truly didn't mean to share our bad weather with you thin blooded folk. OH well.
    Love the pics, it must have been so much fun to play the assistant!

  21. Those photos are great...especially the last one of Simmer and Lindy Loo!
    My Dad used to call me Lindy Loo too!:)

  22. Oh what great photos, the last one is our favorite!!!!!

    I just hate the snow, hate it!!!!!

    Frenchie Snorts

  23. OK. You missed Fun Monday. Where are the updates on the pictures? Don't feel any pressure.....

  24. From one Paducah girl to another I can so relate to the ice. Plus they are talking about snow today!

    I say come on spring!!!

    Lisa from Kentucky

  25. Laurie just really has the right idea . How can taking photographs of dogs not be one of the best jobs in the world? I can see how it would be difficult, but at the same time, would you really be able to label it "work"? I'd want to label it "super awesome fun time". Hehehe! Especially since after all the hard work of getting the dogs to sit or down or get positioned, you get to look through hundreds of pictures. Yay!!

    That last picture of Simmer and Lindy Loo is too cute.


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