Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I had a rare Sunday morning where the dogs and I just kicked back and watched the TV. I do not often watch TV on a Sunday, or during the rest of the week, for that matter. I'm such a dweeb that my favorite program is Antiques Road Show. And I have had this big crush on Tim Russert, ever since he mentioned his son's little league game on his show. Mike Huckabee was his guest on Meet the Press, and then he was on Face the Nation. The dogs were totally interested in this part: They thought any candidate who ran on a platform of squirrel cookery was a worthy candidate indeed. I didn't make that up. Here's the actual transcript:

MR. RUSSERT: All right. Before you go, I have to ask you about this comment on...
GOV. HUCKABEE: All right.
MR. RUSSERT: "Morning Joe"'s program back in January.
MR. RUSSERT: "When I was in college, we used to take a popcorn popper--because that was the only thing" many of us--"they would let us use in the dorms"...
MR. RUSSERT: ..."and we would fry squirrel in the popcorn poppers in the dorm room."
GOV. HUCKABEE: Yeah. Yeah. We really did that. We really did.
MR. RUSSERT: Did you eat them?
GOV. HUCKABEE: Well, of course you--we ate them.
MR. RUSSERT: What does it taste like?
GOV. HUCKABEE: I should say it tastes a lot like chicken, but it doesn't.
MR. RUSSERT: What's it taste like?
GOV. HUCKABEE: It, it tastes like squirrel. It's not the best thing in the world but, you know, when you go squirrel hunting, you got to do something with those things. And part of it was just to say we could do it. I mean, it was a college thing. I mean, but fried squirrel is a Southern delicacy. You got to know that.
MR. RUSSERT: But you're off the squirrel now?
GOV. HUCKABEE: I haven't eaten fried squirrel I think since college. Thank the Lord. I don't...
MR. RUSSERT: This may help you in Virginia.
GOV. HUCKABEE: It may kill me up--in other states, however.
MR. RUSSERT: Governor Mike Huckabee, we thank you for joining us this...
GOV. HUCKABEE: Thank you, Tim. Great to be here.


I'm with the dogs that if you are going to shoot "things" you should eat them. But then they played this video.

It had me worried. It made me feel queasy and like I stepped on something dead and slimy. Barefoot.

And then Face The Nation came on. And you know who the guest was????

Eeeeewwwww. I made the mistake of Googling him, so that I wouldn't write anything erroneous here, and it was too much. Here's how he got his start:

In the fall of 1970, Rove used a false identity to enter the campaign office of Democrat Alan J. Dixon, who was running for Treasurer of Illinois. He stole 1000 sheets of paper with campaign letterhead, printed fake campaign rally fliers promising "free beer, free food, girls and a good time for nothing", and distributed them at rock concerts and homeless shelters, with the effect of disrupting Dixon's rally. (Dixon eventually won the election). Rove's role would not become publicly known until August 1973. Rove told the Dallas Morning News in 1999, "It was a youthful prank at the age of 19 and I regret it." [ Dan Balz. "Karl Rove - The Strategist", The Washington Post, July 23, 1999. ]

Then I wasted some of my precious Sunday Morning free time by doing this, but it made me feel better.

Once the discussion of Jiffy-squirrel-poppin' was finished, this is how much interest the dogs had:
Mama Pajama and Luciano.

Very Old Dog and Fat Charlie.


Sweet Sam I Am. (Delia was in the studio with Bill and the young'uns were tearing around the yard.)

But then I started screaming at the Karlrovian Devil and that disturbed them.

So I got up and put the dogs' coats on and went out for a walk in the cold, windy sunshine. I waved to my neighbors, and talked to my friend on the cell phone. (You have to be careful whom you call to gripe about the cold weather. I called Laurie in Minnesoooooota to whine that it had dropped way down to the low 30's and the wind was bitter cold. She said, "Oh, you got that Arctic blast too, sure you betcha. It's minus 17 here with a chill factor of minus 38." OK, so everything is relative.)

And the dogs were so happy to be out in the sunshine in their toasty warm coats, and then I felt so fortunate, and I hope that the devils that have taken advantage of good people in this great good country will have to accept responsibility for what they did. And I hope they have a change of heart, and that they spend the rest of their lives putting their considerable talents towards making life better for the people that they took advantage of and duped.

That's what I hope.

hug your hounds


  1. Oh my goodness....I laughed so hard I was crying and falling over. That was hilarious! The graphics were EXCELLENT.

    My pups (Clara Bow, Rhodesian Ridgeback/Malinois mix and Mack, Alaskan Husky/Flat Coated Retriever mix) said to tell the whippets they'd help with any cat revenge you may need after the party filming escapade. They firmly believe in dog solidarity, especially with their sighthound cousins (Mack has some greyhound or Saluki blood way back in the racing Husky side, so they're both semi-sighthounds and still feel solidarity with fellow sighthound-y dogs).

    We're just up in Southeast Michigan and could easily pop down to help with any cat revenge that is planned. Let us know if assistance is needed!

  2. Your pups are gorgeous! Our Boxers and your pups share the same philosphy: All couches, chairs, beds and such belong to us. We will use them as we see fit. Have a problem with it? Tough Milkbones! : )

  3. Um. Well, I might help eat those squirrels. But then again, I'd really rather just chase them, thank you.


  4. Patience
    I wish youw dweams would come twue, but I'm afwaid those devils don't even think they did anything wong...
    We get queezy listening to we don't, and I don't even like the talk about squiwwels in pop cown poppews..I would like to chase them up a twee..but I don't like talking about killing anyone..I'm wowwied ..I asked befowe, and you didn't say..didn't Mawia get my Birfday cawd that I made fow hew??I sent it to youw e-mail..I was hoping to make hew happy
    smoochie kisses
    Ow do you not like me anymowe cause I have cat fwiends?

  5. I love the pictures of the doggies all curled up. it sounds like you all had a great day. you found great things to appreciate.
    :) melissa

  6. You are too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Holy moly that was hysterical. I came here to see if you had your Fun Monday post up early, but I'm glad I got to see this instead!

    I am a Southerner and I've never eaten fried squirrel. I want to go on record and let everyone know it is NOT a delicacy here in Atlanta! So funny! However, it could be possible that at some point over the years someone has thrown some squirrel in a casserole, drowned it in cheese, baked it, and put it in a buffet line and I ate that not knowing I had squirrel. We do love our cheese covered casseroles down here.

  8. oh dog, we don't watch any of that political junk because it makes our stomachs hurt. we went to a boston meet up today and watched mom eat miniature chickens, it was a good day!

  9. Lol! None of my family will discuss their weather with me, except my mom. She lives in Arizona. When winter was starting down there, she'd call and tell me it was 60 that day; they were wearing jackets. Hehehe!

  10. I live in Los Angeles. This winter Monty_zooma has been coming into the bed and sleeping under the covers. It's ok if its cold BUT This weekend was in the 70's. I had to kick Monty out of the bed and put him on the den couch with the weimaraner and westie. I think he will forgive me, in time...


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