Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, rats and rats.

Sam I Am's first visit as a Therapy Dog was cancelled today because it is simply loathly out. It is sleeting, windy, gray, gross, and disgustful. I was suffering from a contagion of my dear husband's Pollyana-itis. I ignored the dire winter storm warnings. (In Western Kentucky, schools are closed if one-half inch of snow is forecasted.) I packaged up my sold eBay collars for shipment, and threw a stupefied Sammy in the shower with me. No time for my shower plus a downstairs dog room bath for him. It was two-fer time.

Our shower is a stall, no tub, and the shower curtain is clear plastic, and I don't think Sam has had a shower with me before, but he was strangely resigned to this odd turn of fate. He didn't panic, or even communicate his displeasure. He bravely endured his soaking, lathering, and rinsing, and as usual he rather enjoyed the toweling off. I think he understood the gravitas of this occasion. Although I could see his temptation, he resisted the usual post bath time zoomies. Instead, he curled up on our bed pillows, looking important, and watched me get ready to go.

I left him to get toasty warm and dry, while I zoomed off to my noon, non-dog related meeting. I thought I would zoom. The van windows were opaque with a thick coat of ice. We haven't needed windshield scrapers so much since moving to Western Kentucky. I couldn't find one in the van. There might be one, but I couldn't find one. I did find a cassette tape case. (Nancy Griffiths, I apologize. I certainly wouldn't want anyone to use my book to clear the ice off their windshield. But I took your tape out, and only used the plastic case, and I was dangerously close to being late.)

I cleared of a space about six inches by eight inches. I couldn't reach very high, and the van is a big fifteen passenger deal, which it quite tall. Nancy Griffiths' little three by four inch cassette case didn't extend my scope so much. I climbed into the van, and discovered that by scrunching my head below the steering wheel, I could see. I could see the road immediately in front of me. Off I crept.

I came home from that meeting dreading what message Bill would have for me. Sure enough, the call had come and the therapy visits were cancelled. Poop. Sam danced around me, knowing something special was happening. His nails were done, he was clean and sparkly and his teeth got an extra brushing. He had his special occasion collar on with his brand new Therapy Dog tag.

"Come on, buddy. Let's go to the Post Office."

It was a sad, sorry excuse of an activity, and by now the defroster had melted the ice on the windshield, so it wasn't even particularly adventuresome. We drove to the Post Office. I mailed my parcels and Bill's studio newsletters. We drove home. We live ten blocks from the Post Office.

"OK, Sam I Am, we're home!"

Dogs. In great good humor Sammy bounded out of the van, abjectly delighted to be back home again. He greeted everyone with wags and hipchecks, and did his 'I'm to sexy for my coat' dance.

Tomorrow I'm going alone to visit the women's shelter. If it can be arranged for Sam to visit one on one there - I don't want him to be mobbed by a crowd of over excited toddlers - I'll take him there this week.

He is ready to do this, and so am I.

Hug your hounds


  1. Ahhh, poor guy. I hope the weather clears up soon.

    My poor gang: I will sometimes whisper "dog trip dogs?" It's the cue for EVERYONE to pile into the van. Usually, we end up going to the grocery (they stay in the van while I shop). When I we arrive back home, they always act like it was the bestest trip, EVER. I love my dogs for humoring me.

  2. Ah poor sam and poor you. Hopefully you guys get to have your first visit soon.

  3. Whippets...
    Mumsie said she'd rather drive on Northern snow than Southern ice...having done both... lieu of an ice scraper, use a credit quite well, actually.

    Let us know how the therapy visits go...and we just watched the whippet at Westminster..WOOT!

    Hey, with me at Koobies??? WEAR A COAT!


  4. Sorry your Therapy trip was cancelled, but remember, to a dog anywhere that involves cars and humans is an adventure. Did SamIAm get to go into the post office? In Lexington, the post office was one of my flavorite places, cause there was a postman there who always had treats for me!
    I think I miss Lexington.


    pee is a LONG LONG car trip to get back there, let's leave soon!

  5. How wonderful that you will be sharing your sweet self and your amazing hound. Women with children is a most worthy cause. I am involved with some myself. Better luck next time.

  6. Oh please be careful in that van in the bad weather. A friend of mine had a sister who was seriously injured a couple of weeks ago when her van tipped over on a perfectly dry street. Many personal injury lawyers say that those 15 passenger vans, especially Ford (I don't remember what make yours is) are super tippy and very dangerous. They also have seat belt problems.

    I don't mean to scare you, but I would feel awful if I didn't say anything.


  7. Now that is good bonding - sharing the shower with your dog! Frightened of what to expect when I have to first shower Tilly I suggested to Graham that his Dad could get into the shower with her and close the door. I would pass the towel over the door at the right time and hey presto no zoomies around the bathroom and no shaking. Graham thinks she would be traumatised by the whole experience.....his father doesn't know how to take that one!!!

  8. What a darned shame about the non-event therapy visit. I'll keep paws crossed that the weather improves and you can get back to it soon.

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  9. How wonderful the way dogs can make a party out of anything--at our house it's a walk to the paper box--anything to get your leash on. And a car trip--even to the vet--Who-o-o!!!

    I just got an inquiry about training Willie for Therapy Dog work in schools--he's 11 years old so I'm not sure it will work but am anxious to find out more.

  10. Sam looks sooooo handsome! (Well, he is!) xxxooo, Deb

  11. all that ice and cold and ice makes me shiver. next time it will work out and I bet you guys have a great time!

  12. Oh well at least you got to go in the car!!! Better luck next time( and hope for good weather!!) Love A+A

  13. Sorry the therapy visit got cancelled... Better luck next time! Luckily the dogs just want to come along - even if it's only to the post office.

    Hugs Ane & Crew

  14. Poor Sammy! Oh well - you'll get there in the end and it'll be all the sweeter for the wait......

  15. Oh my goodness--no post-shower zoomies?! He did know something was afoot! Sorry to hear they canceled the session; cold weather is such a bugger.

    That's a really cute picture of Sam I Am, by the way!


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