Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Way too short - way too long

Laurie and thirteen year old Spats:

Oh our lovely visit with Laurie and dear Spats, Rivet, and Simmer was just way too short. It felt like it was only beginning, and there she was today, already packing up to go home. A forecast of a snow storm across Illinois teased at keeping them here one more day, but the storm petered out and they got on the road at about 10:45 this morning.

We had a delightful time. As mentioned, the dogs were stars. Not a sneer or a snarl offered during the whole visit, and Lindy Loo's virtue remains intact. Sam I Am would listen for his brother Rivet to emerge from the guest room each morning. He'd cock his head at the sound of the door opening, and then jump up wagging as he heard Rivet plink, plink, plinking down our ridiculous stairs. When Rivet's handsome self appeared at the bottom of the steps, Sammy turned inside out with wags and smiles and bounces and woo-woooooos. "Look! It's my very own brother! Again! This morning! Right here in our house!"

Sam I Am's brother, Rivet

And we did get to do a lot of fun things. We went to visit Phyllis and Maddie (I'll post those photos later.) We ate ourselves silly. We practiced Agility at the Kennel Club, and were so impressed with our incredibly talented dogs! I was able to watch Laurie take impossible photos like this one:

Laurie left me with these priceless photos and so many more:

Two treasured Very Old Dogs, Giacomino and Spats

Giacomino and Maria
Molly and Mama Pajama

And as to the "way too long" part? Oh the travellers had a flat tire on the way home. After a little scenic detour through Central Illinois (well, that dang I-74 can just sneak by without so much as a howdy do, if you're admiring the beauty of your dogs in your rear view mirror), Laurie called to say that she had a flat. Bill and I were worried sick, until she called back saying she and her dogs were tucked into a toasty warm hotel room, with free wireless and a king sized bed. They will have about five more hours to drive in the morning, after they switch the donut for a real tire.

Hug your hounds


  1. omdog how do you get 390 bostons to sit still like that?! tanner would like to add that all of those bostons are 'big boned' like he is.

    the pics of the whippets are so great.

    did anyone notice Rivet has a doofus dot????

  2. Awww...they are beautiful pictures! Millie the Whippet is coming to visit soon and I'm longing to get some good photos of her! I also need to see if she is a story-teller...I think she might be and we just haven't been listening :(

  3. It sounds like you had such a nice visit! What a shame it had to come to an end so soon! Back to the normal routine, guys!
    BTW, we are thoroughly enjoying your book! :-)

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. What great pictures. I love the Bostons with Boxer (?) in back. Cute!

    Of course, all the pictures are wonderful. Are you thinking of having a picture wall -- no paint needed?

  5. What awesome pictures! People are impressed that I can get 3 dogs to pose. The pic of the Bostons & Boxer...now THAT is impressive!


  6. Those are great pictures. We loved them


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