Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Gang's All Here!

Your wish is my command, of course!

First there was chaos.

And then there was utter mayhem:

And then, thanks to Molly's help and Laurie's genius, there was perfection!

Lying: Mama Pajama, Fat Charlie
Sitting: Lindy Sexy Butt Loo
Standing: Giacomino, Maria, Sam I Am, Swede Does Any One Want Some Of ME William, Delia, Luciano

L to R: Lindy I Am Irresistible Loo, Fat Charlie, Maria, Sam I Am, Swede Dear God In Heaven Help Me William, Delia, Luciano, Giacomino
Lying: Mama Pajama
I wish I could figure out why some photos are click-and-enlargible, and some are not. Just blogger magic, I suppose.

hug your hounds


  1. Patience!

    After seeing these photos I'm considering defecting to Whippets!

    Your dogs are so beautiful and charming ... look at those faces! I like the chaos photos best because the "real story" is always so entertaining. But the portraits are lovely. You can just see their personalities.

    Nice work!

    P.S. Disregard what I said about defecting ... adopting a Whippet *in addition* would be more like it. My husband and I are committed Beagle junkies :)

  2. Oh I love them! I wish Laurie had been coming one week later, then I could have come up...spring break. I could have dragged Erin with me too.

    Beautiful photos!

  3. Mmmmmmppphhhhh...whippet overload! OMG Patience, you must be over the moon with those photographs!

  4. How did you get ALL the dogs to pose like that! Amazing!

  5. amazing! a beautiful portrait. but i like the outtakes, too.

  6. What a great looking crew you have. We would never sit that still or look at the camera to get a picture like that.

  7. What beautiful pictures! What magnificent dogs!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. They are gorgeous. And the pictures are not bad either!

    kisses to all (even Lindy Loo, I'm safe you know)

  9. Hey Patience,

    Great pics. So, how do you get all that 'super glue' off their paws?

    Basher's Dad

  10. OMdoG, you have 9 dogs !!! That is what my mom always wanted to have, more & more dogs...but both me & twinkle have driving her crazy. Hahaha...

    Anywhere, love the pic soooooooo much. Which part of the room are you putting t on??

  11. OMDog. What wonderful, wonderful photos.

  12. I LOVE the pictures. I have a picture that looks remarkably like your first one from two years ago when I tried to include myself in the Christmas card. It didn't work.

  13. those pictures are adorable!
    kisses and hugs

  14. I have got to know if there is 50 lbs of bacon on the other side of the camera to get all those dogs looking in the same place?! the pics turned out WONDERFUL!!

  15. What beautiful dogs you have! I love the first picture with you getting a lovely hug and kiss. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Fabulous photos! Ma is shufddering at the thought of getting nine dogs to pose, or maybe whippets are much better behaved than Airedales!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  17. OK, come on - you photoshopped the leashes and collars out, right?? I am feeling like such a bad dog mom - I can't even get my 2 to stand together like that.

    Love the photos!!

  18. OMG, the pics are stunning..Laurie is amazing.


  19. "One of those things is not like the other
    One of those things just doesn't belong"

    So send Sweede William to me...

    HJ & The Whippet Gang

  20. Wow how did they all stop at the same time and look at the camera??You know when PL2 is having a bad day and thinks Oh my having two dogs is hard,she stops and thinks HOW DOES SHE DO IT WITH 9!!!!!!!Love A+A

  21. Oh my those are great pictures.


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