Sunday, February 10, 2008


It hurts my heart to tell you this, dear readers, but the whippets were the victims of espionage.

And by none less than their arch enemy, the felonious feline, Dinsky. Other wise known as the C-A-T belonging to Aynex, whom we love anyway. Up till now, anyway. Apparenly, Dinsky stowed away in Aynex's purse and secretly filmed Maria's PRIVATE birthday party.

Yes, Dinsky did catch Maria trying to nail her great grand daughter Lindy Loo, but she was trying to steal Maria's cake! And before you get all impressed with Dinsky's talents, just look at this:

Crazy cat.

Thanks, Aynex! Now everyone knows how high and squeaky my voice is and that I dropped the poor thirteen year old dog on her birthday! (No dogs were injured in the making of this film!)

Hug your hounds and chase a cat for me


  1. Cats are evil evil evil. How dare he film the party. He wasn't even invited.

  2. Isn't that just like a C-A-T??? Sneaking around, hiding in a purse to film a PRIVATE party. I'll betcha that Aynex person thinks the dinsky thing is so cute and smart. Does she realize that C-A-T's have been known to use purses as litter bags? Hmmmm? It doesn't get much lower than that! Filming a private party

    Flabbergasted at the audacity!
    Gabi, designated scribe

  3. Well, it was a despicable thing to do, but we loved watching the film.


  4. Ditsy Dinsky, consider yourself warned:

    Waggle, let us know what we can do....we want to help! We're just kind of stuck right now.

    Gabi, appointed scribe

  5. What an evil, sneaky cat! I'm surprised the waggle didn't sniff him out! :D

    I don't find your TOO awfully squeaky... I'm pretty sure I reach that 'only dogs can hear you' tone when I get going with Athena.

    Oh, and I promise to write all about the fun match... I'm sure you talked to Laurie already, but if not, Athena took 2nd!! a class of two...

    :D Hehe!

  6. That cat has been into the catnip. Maybe he needs medication. What a grand party you had.

  7. What a happy family! I have laughed so much over the dogs antics. It was a brave cat...........

  8. Whoa! YOu guys sure know how to gt down and PARTY! Looks like fun.

    But that second video is going to haunt my nightmares.


  9. OMG, that video of the party was hillarious. Hope Lindy Loo isn't emotionally scared for life.


  10. Yowsa! Your house is party central. I don't know any cats personally, but to be honest, that Dinsky looks very talented (and limber).


  11. That cat gave us the chance to enjoy the party! And we appreciate that!
    Yes, that is a crazy cat!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. darn stinking CATS! I don't care if that cat dance, its still a stinkin cat. One thing I learned was NOT to mess with Maria, wow!


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