Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In the mail

How excited are we? Very!

These came in the mail yesterday:

Luckily neither the mail carrier nor any of us got blown away last night. Very Old Dog has lost enough of his hearing that the thunder was manageable. He was standing on the bed with his worry wrinkles and his ears at full mast, staring at me to 'make it stop.' So, I put Craig Ferguson on the lap top,

and Bill and I were laughing, and every time I saw lightening, I'd rub his ears and he wouldn't hear the thunder.

Tomorrow is Maria's thirteenth birthday. We're going to celebrate!

Hug your hounds and stay safe


  1. Hooray...we were worried about you guys, and glad to hear you are OK. Checking on VGF in Memphis has not been as easy this AM, we are hoping they just left for school (teachers)

    And Happy, Happy Birthday to Maria

    And many congratulations to Sam I AM....wouldn't have believed it based on his behavior at the pawty!


  2. oh Craig was lovely to hear his Glaswegian accent!

    A Glasgow Boy! A wee sweetie pie!

    I am glad he made you laugh!

    I love the Glaswegian humour. Obviously I hear a great deal of it living so near to the dear Green Place as we call Glasgow!

    love and much light Jeannie xxxxxx

  3. Forgot to add, Marvin and I were accepted as Pets as Therapy Dogs a while back but at the last minute I felt unable to do it.

    Possibly because I had spent three years helping my Dad before he died, and our assignments would be Old Folks Homes, it was still to near and raw for me to continue. We will see in the future though, it is a wonderful cause. J xxxx

  4. Happy Birthday Maria. Glad you guys made it through the storms okay

  5. Well done on being a Pets as Therapy dog Sam I Am! You must be very proud. Look forward to hearing about your work.

    Happy birthday to Maria for tomorrow.

    I sympathise with Very Old Dog. I HATE HATE HATE anything that bangs!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  6. congratulations young sam! i hope you enjoy the therapy - i am sure your customers will!

  7. OhhSam I Am!
    I am so vewy pwoud to be youw fwiend!!! that's just pawsome!!and youws is the fiwst ID whewe the pictoowe is gowgeous!!!
    I can't believe you have to host soo vewy many hoomans tonight..I hope they shawe love and snacks!
    Oh and a vewy happy Birfday to bootiful Maria!!!
    lots of smoochie kisses to allof you

  8. Patience, there's something for you to collect on my blog!

  9. Congratulations on being a therapy dog! Now you get to drool on sick people!

  10. Craig Ferguson makes our mom laugh, too! I would like to be a therapy dog. I went to the nursing home to visit grandma when she had to stay there last summer. I got a lot of practice. I will have to look into it some more and get the proper certs.

    Happy birthday to Maria!!

  11. Congratulations on becoming a therapy dog!! It is a very important job. PL2 says that when we come to the hospital it makes a world of difference to the patients. And happy birthday Maria!! And Agatha HATES thunder toOLove A+A

  12. Congratulations on becoming a therapy dog!! It is a very important job. PL2 says that when we come to the hospital it makes a world of difference to the patients. And happy birthday Maria!! And Agatha HATES thunder toOLove A+A

  13. Congratulations to Sam I Am! I am sure he does a great job!
    Happy Birthday to Maria!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Congratulations to Sam I Am from Star. He is pawsatively thrilled to hear of Sam's good success.

    Roo roooooooooo

    And, happy birthday to dear Maria.

    Kathy and Star

  15. Dear Sammie,

    We are so proud of you and your servant.


    Skeezix, Buster and Nearly

  16. I wear that yellow tag with pride...although I don't do much TDI work anymore. I'm too grouchy with other dogs.


  17. Glad you all are safe -- we looked at the map this morning and Paducah seemed away from the worst of it -- but it must have been frightening.

    Happy Birthday to Maria!

    Congratulations to Sam I am!

    Applause for your Bucket List!

    Woofs to all,

    Jake and Just Harry

  18. Congrats to Sam I am and Happy Birthday to Maria. Grammie got your book in the mail, but hasn't read any of the stories to us yet. We will have to nip at her to get it done.

  19. Congrats on Sammy's Therapy Certification!

    I really enjoy Craig Ferguson too. When they asked who wrote the Star Bangled Banner, I thought of little Key Hole Head aka Francis...awwww...I loved that pup. :)

  20. How incredibly PAWSOME on the TDI certification. I wanted to be a therapy dog, but I have too many ortho problems, so those people wouldn't certify me. HRMPH!!

    Peace + Paws,


  21. Congrats, Sam and Happy B'Day Maria!! We,too, were worried about Ky. Glad all are safe. Martha and P-doggy


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