Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hormones and happiness

Lindy Loo is now at day eleven of her season. Meaning that from here on out, no, from last Sunday on out, there can be not a nanosecond of Swede William and Lindy Loo occupying the same air space without strong physical barriers separating them. Neither of them is particularly pleased with this turn of events, most of all Swede William. But they are both most gracious good sports. So far.

Here is how we manage. Downstairs, just off the kitchen is the dog room, with crates for when we go out of the house without dogs. In these special horny times, when we are downstairs for meals, either Lindy Loo Enticing Butt or Swede William Hornus Toadus is in a crate with a special chewie. They take turns. When we are upstairs working or writing, I have brought in a crate from the van and plunked it in the TV room. This view is from my computer chair.

They take turns in that crate as well, again always with a special delight. A peanut butter filled kong, for example. My dogs are crated only for short periods normally, so a peanut butter filled kong is an extreme delicacy. I feel a little sad, because Lindy Loo Who Must Now Be Denied and Swede William Who Would Like to Accommodate Her usually spend their mornings tearing around the yard and barking at hapless passersby (Lindy Loo, not William), and sunning on the papasan chairs on the porch and curling up and snuggling when they come in on the couches. They are the best of best of friends, and what must they think of my sudden reversal of their fortunes?

Hormones being what they are, Lindy Loo the Brazen Booty Bong Girl is shining all of her light on darling Very Old Dog. His Necessary Bits were donated to science years and years ago, but he still can sniff out a Chance of a Lifetime when it is flaunted before him, don't you worry about that! Recognising the opportunity is one thing; doing anything about it is quite another. Thankfully, aside from a long snuffle of Parfume de Youth and Heaven, the clever old boy doesn't try.

When everything becomes too much for Swede William Who is Being A Trooper So Far, he will get to go visit Lindy Loo's brother Emmett, and Edgar, and Heather and Baby Ben. This will be a Fun Adventure for him and we are so very grateful beyond words.

hugs your hounds, in a platonic, decidedly un-Swede William way, of course


  1. We want peanut butter filled kongs. I am not able to do Lindy Loo's trick to get them. What ever should I do?

  2. Emmett says, "Whoo Hoo!!! We can't wait for William to come and play. Old dog Edgar just won't get off the couch, and I need a younger friend to run around with." Come on over William!


  3. dang that is like trying to keep me away from a piece of cheese that fell on the floor, nearly impossible. I hope that you guys make it through. How long does the season last??

  4. Oh patience this just made me laugh this morning.

    Peanut's servant


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