Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fun Monday

Today's Fun Monday assignment is from the Crown Princess at Ooh A Shiny Pen.

She says:

Music plays a vital role in most of our lives. It is
everywhere. I want to hear the ONE song that is you. The song that whenever it
is heard, you smile. I am not looking for the soundtrack of your life, just that
one song. Your friends hear it and think of you. You can post the video, the
lyrics, the wav file. However you want to post it is great.

ARRGH! ONE???? I can't do ONE! I can do one musician, Paul Simon, though Ienjoy a ton of different artists.

All of the whippets that I bred are named after Paul Simon songs, (Bill co-bred Luciano and Delia, so they are named after his music - Pavarotti and Johnny Cash), and I think there are a lot of people who think of me when they hear the Mama Pajama song.

I smile when I hear any of Paul Simon's songs. And he has such a huge body of work.

That's it. I just can't do one. But here are three that are definitely in the running.

Hearts and Bones. Mama Pajama and Fat Charlie's litter sister's registered name is CH Warburton Hearts and Bones. She is Sam I Am's mother, and his real name is Warburton Heart of the Story.

I LOVE this song.

On the last leg of the journey
They started a long time ago
The arc of a love affair
Rainbows in the high desert air
Mountain passes slipping into stones
Hearts and bones

[Oh if I could write like that.]

And my friends would definitely think of me when they hear You Can Call Me Al. (That's Lindy Loo's brother Nearly's real name, by the way!) Watch Chevy Chase's feet - that's what mine do in all of Paul Simon's music. And watch Paul Simon giggle at the very end when Chevy Chase sticks the trumpet in his face.

and I love Proof:

Faith is an island in the setting sun
But proof, yes
Proof is the bottom line for everyone
Half moon hiding in the clouds, my darling
And the sky is flecked with signs of hope
Raise your weary wings against the rain, my baby
Wash your tangled curls with gambler's soap

Oh dear. There are so many more of his songs that touch me. Too many more.

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hug your song dogs

I believe in the future
I may live in my car
My radio tuned to
The voice of a star
Song dogs barking at the break of dawn
Lightning pushes the edge of a thunderstorm
And these old hopes and fears
Still at my side
(From Cool River, Rhythm of the Saints)


  1. Ah-h-h-h!
    The soothing sound of Paul Simon
    ...and add just a twinge of humor with Chevy...what a combo.
    Thanks for sending me reeling back in my time machine.

    Paducah? That's just one of those words that's fun to say. Just rolls off the tongue.
    It's also fun to stress the different syllables:
    Surely there's a poem about this place. If not, there should be.

    I've never been to Paducah. Closest I guess I've been is Pikeville. Is that close?

    Thanks for the visit today. My daughter described that post as, "Mom, you were all over the place with that one."

    I said, "Yeah, so what's your point and what's new?"

    I'll be back to read about the dogs and other miscellaneous items that have caught my attention here.

  2. Great Choices!! you are the 2nd on the Simon and that really Chevy..I thought it was garfunkel!!

  3. Great pictures.

    I LOVE the foot action of Chevy. I remember seeing George Winston give a concert at the Houston Symphony--they put a large rug under his feet; he dances as he plays piano.

    Your song are foot movers.

  4. A piece of useless information which you might know already!
    Paul Simon wrote "Homeward Bound" in 1965 while waiting at Widnes North Station to return to London to meet up with his girlfriend. There is a plaque on the station testifying to this. Widnes was my hometown and in 1965 I was 14 and used to wait at the same station to meet my boyfriend.
    Anyone would be homesick waiting at that station in Widnes!

  5. See, Paul Simon just doesn't do it for me.... but nevertheless, he came up with some great names for the Whippet Waggle!

  6. Totally Paul Simon... and I LOVE that Chevy Chase video - so cool! Great choice!

  7. Love that the sterling nine names have such a musically inspired background!

  8. Great choices...this one would be impossible for muzzer...she has "favorite" songs for every occasion. Some of them go back to the 13th century. See...I told you she was really old.


  9. I love Paul Simon. He is such a talented lyricist. But "Call Me Al"? ACK! And twice so far on this Fun Monday. As much as this song annoys me, I can't help singing along, so I'll skip the video or I'll be singing it all day:o)

  10. Those are some eclectic choices. I love it!

    I'll be back to poke through your blog. Fun stuff.

  11. Somebody like Paul Simon. Good picks.

  12. Mom likes that Paul Simon dude too! But what about Garfunkel, well I guess the dogs are lucky because being named Garfunkel would probably stink pretty bad.

  13. Who does not love Paul Simon? He rocks!

  14. Hmmm, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, James Taylor. It's been a lovely day.

    Thank you.

  15. Whoo - you've been busy posting! Some great song choices here, and I've enjoyed catching up on birthday and c-a-t talk!

  16. Paul Simon is quite talented. I especially like the You Can Call Me Al, which is the only repeat that I noticed so far on this Fun Monday.

  17. I love Chevy Chase in that video, too. You aren't the only Paul Simon.

  18. Someone else posted Call me Al...and I LOVE Chevy Chase. Never gets old.

  19. All great choices but I'm partial to the Chevy Chase video!

  20. great choice in songs!! I liked all of them!!

  21. Paul Simon is my favorite, absolute favorite songwriter, and my old dogs had their separate Paul Simon farewell names besides their out loud ones... I had, and still have, Hello Darkness, My Old Friend; and Sail on Silver Girl, and the Boxer Still Remains to tell of a few. As for me? How come I have such a short little span of attention?

    I'm sure you know these names and from which songs..... Susan, loved the package that came in the mail of your collars, smashing!

  22. Ah, Paul! Were you lucky enough to see his concert in Central Park? Watched that concert over and over on HBO.

  23. Great choices. I am having snow envy. Down here in Midle Tennessee we have rain again today. We want a half inch so school can be cancelled!

  24. Great song choices!

    One of my brothers lives in Lexington, KY. It's such an incredibly beautiful state.


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