Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday party photos, as promised!

I did not get a photo of the plate of nine grilled hamburgers, or of their consumption, but they were nonetheless enjoyed. It took a lot longer to prepare them than it took the dogs to gulp them!

Then the humans ate their meal. Our dear friends Lee and Dee joined us (and oh what a greeting they got from the Waggle - ah-wooos long and loud all around!) and our brand new neighbors, Xan and her dad Michael. Xan took most of the photos for me, except the one of her. We had grilled Italian sausage, grilled veggies including the first corn on the cob of the season, sliced tomatoes with fresh basil and olive oil, home made bread which came in the mail from the grands, and Xan brought delicious roast potatoes. Lee and Dee brought wine.

The dogs helped do the dishes, and then:

[L to R - Fat Charlie's nose, Swede William, Giacomino, Lindy Loo, Sam I Am and Mama Pajama]

"Is she getting out the whipped cream?"

[Mama Pajama on Lee's lap]

"I can reach it from here!"

[Fat Charlie]

"Mmmmmm. Nyummm!"

If you click on this photo and enlarge it, Maria's eyes might give you nightmares.

Seconds... or thirds... for Mama Pajama

Then Swede William went from lap to lap all the way around the table, starting with Bill.

Our fun new neighbor Xan gets a turn.

Maria had too much partying.
Fat Charlie ended the evening with a face full of stinky foot.

Hug your hounds


  1. Tongue photos! Great minds think alike, eh? Your cookout sounds wonderful. We like to grill around here but our grillin' never includes whipped cream! MMMMMMM.


  2. saramurphy100@yahoo.comJuly 1, 2008 at 5:07 AM

    Nothing's fun as a Whippet Party!
    I just want to go there and hug them!!! Happy Birthday Fat Charlie and Maria, many more!!!!Hugs for all other poochers too.

  3. I've always thought that Xan was a great little photographer. Was she standing on the counter for that first one?
    Last night I was looking at your blog and Artie was leaning over my shoulder saying, "I can't wait to play with those whippets."
    Watch out because Artie is an animal magnet. I have never met an animal that doesn't like her.
    I hear the party was great good fun and there seems to be no better ending than some stinky feet.

  4. A whole hamburger EACH! You are truly a most generous servant. We always have to share with someone or somedog.

    kisses and hugs

  5. I love sleeping with stinky foot, but there is something even better ... last night H-Mom was watching a movie with Man-Dad and she shared MY sofa with me ... I curled around in a ball with my nose right in her HINDER ... OMGosh she was a bit uncomfortable, but I thought it was heaven.

  6. What a great time was had by all.

  7. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun! Whipped cream--good stuff.

    love & wags,

  8. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm We love whipped cream! Hey, Mama Pajama - you have an M&M collar on like mine!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie & Mitch

  9. Hey Patience...I've missed you! Those pics are great...Maisie loves nothing more than to get a snout full of whip cream.:)

  10. What a great looking party!! I wish I could have heard the long woo-woos!! LOL!! =D

    Someday, I hope to have my own whippet or two!


    Dog Lover

  11. What a great bash! Nothing better than sharing a wonderful party with your people.

  12. Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. We're all drooling. What a feast you whippets had. You have great humans!

  13. woaah Whipped Cream!?!?! YUMMY! You guys really know how to party. Whipped cream + Whippets, its like it is meant to be together.


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