Friday, June 6, 2008

Blithering Senile Idiot, Oh MY!

I think I was just a bit too ambitious;
All this poetry seems so capricious.

Our Kennel Club hosts our dog show tomorrow.
Do you have some energy that I could borrow?

I'm falling asleep between each of these lines.
I must be there by seven, dressed to the nines.

Not to show my dear dogs who love to be shown.
This idiot human forgot to enter her own.

So I'll sell raffle tickets and steward the rings,
I sold ads in the catalog for all kinds of things.

And I'll worry all day about Very Old Dog
He'll stay home with Bill and sleep like a log.

Cause today he got dizzy again and fell down
And I left the show grounds and zoomed back into town,

To sit on by his side til the drugs took effect.
I see him like that and I am quite a wreck.

But he's better tonight and he will be ok.
It just makes tomorrow a much longer day.
Enough of this blither, I must go to sleep.
I'd be ever so grateful if you would keep

A Very Old Dog in your thoughts and your prayers.
For sweetest of hearts, there's none that compares.

hug your precious hounds and sweet dreams


  1. Lots of AireZen coming Very Old Dog's way! We hope you feel better soon, buddy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Ahhh, I'm sorry for old dog.

    There is a bad moon-beam happening. My old dog was injured earlier this week, and now, his back injury is flaring and he can barely walk. I HATE seeing him feel lousy. May the lousy moonbeam shift, soon.....

  3. Snickers sends big whippet smoooches to her honey bunny Beens.....

  4. We wish we could send some of Teka's energy to Old Dog. Since we can't, know that we think of him often, and hope he is having a grand nap.

    gussie and muzzer

  5. Kayla had vestibular attacks, they were awful. I feel for you! Have a fun weekend!

  6. very old dog is in our thoughts.

  7. Love and prayers to and for VOD and his servant. Just take it easy,VOD..that's what retirement is for! Martha and P-Doggy

  8. Hey, I've missed you! Many prayers for Very Old Dog...and always for you too.xox

  9. I hope Beans just has a very good , long nap and the time flies until you get home to him. May your day be busy enough to keep you from worrying too much about him, but let it pass quickly enough so you get home to him soon and with energy to spare!

  10. We are doing the circle of healing vibes on the BIG BED for Very Old Dog as my typist writes this.

  11. Very Old Dog I have my paws crossed for you. And since they are Very Old Paws they should do you some good. I hope your person has a good day at the show. I saw this and wanted to share with you:


  12. Ah, A big doggy hug is being sent your way....

  13. We will be crossing paws and sending healing vibes to Very Old Dog. We will also send some energy to you, us doggies have plenty over here.

  14. Sending lots of good vibes to Very Old Dog! Feel better soon!


  15. Of course we will pray for Very Old Dog. Love your poetry!! Hope he feels better soon.

    Mona & the Mommy too!!

  16. Never having owned a dog before our Whippet, Pico, I'm not sure how we'll all deal with her becoming a very old dog. I'll say a prayer to the doggie gods for your very old dog tonight.

  17. Hey Patience,

    My old boy 'Basher' sends lots of good whippet carma from VA (after all the old boys need to stick together). Hoping that Giacomino feels better soon.

    Basher's Dad

  18. Good vibes and prayers for Very Old Dog!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. and the Canine Kids said,
    We are so glad to hear Very Old Dog is going to be fine. I can just imagine your racing home to be with him. There is nothing quite like the friendship of a very old dog.
    Loved the poetry!


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