Sunday, June 29, 2008

More on Thunderphobia be Gone, and more...

Jean wrote:

Some clarifying points for questions you had and those of some of your
readers: I completed the two year certification program in Donna Eden’s modality
of Energy Medicine . The work
with Giacomino was not about massage, but about working the appropriate
acupressure points. In this case the key points were the sedating or calming
points on Triple Warmer, or more traditionally called Triple Heater, meridian.
We also did some other things to rebalance the energetic charge he developed
around the sound of thunder storms. Someone asked for a resource for animals.
The best one I’m aware of and the one we were given in my class is the Tallgrass
Animal Acupressure Institute
-- they have videos, charts, courses etc. They are where I got my charts and
video from.

Thanks, Jean! (Oh and BTW, Jean, after you left today, Giacomino had a nap while I sewed, and then when we went outside at around four thirty, he galloped around the yard! Galloped. He was being sooo silly! And he ate all his dinner.)


We got an award!!!

Which we totally do NOT deserve!!! But the Zoo Crew were nice enough to give it to us. (I am pretty sure they felt sorry for the whippets, seeing that they have such a slacker servant.) I do think about the blog everyday, and I'm a daily blogger in that I visit my favorites every day, so maybe that's worth something. The Zoo Crew have a very sweet blog, and they have a white puppy named Willow, how amazing is that, so be sure to go visit them. (This Willow is a smidgen bigger than our Willow was.)

I am going to pass the award on to The Lurchers (maybe it will bring more good energy for Lurcher #1's blood work) and iList Paducah Blog, (you remember how much Mary has done to help the dogs around here) both of whom actually deserve it! Oh and to Gus and Teka who also deserve it and have just moved from Arizona to Memphis which is QUITE the move.

Thank you Zoo Crew!


And today was Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama's eleventh birthday. The weather gods smiled on us with a generosity of spirit unheard of around these parts. It was simply glorious. We had a nice little dinner, and all the dogs got hamburgers from the grill, with whipped cream from the can for dessert! I will post the photos tomorrow.

That Mama Pajama is here, celebrating her ELEVENTH birthday is purely a little miracle. At least to me.

hug your hounds


  1. Happy Birthday Mama Pajama and Fat Charlie!!

  2. Ooh thank you for my award!!

    Happy Birthday Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama!

  3. Happy Birthday to Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama.

  4. Happy birthday to Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama! We love having whipped cream squirt from the can into our mouths! yummmm
    Congratualations on your award! Yes, you totally deserve it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Happy Birthday to Mama Pajama - and yes, you totally deserve the award!

  6. Happy Birthday MP and FC! We are plotting a way to get that whipped cream squirted into our mouth. Barring that, we need to figure out how to squirt it by ourselves. Maybe you all could come help.

    gussie n Teka

    oops....Thank You for the award. We KNOW we don't deserve it, but we appreciate the thought behind it. Maybe it will guilt muzzer out completely and she will blog more often.

    Sheesh...with the amount of timethe woman spends hanging upside down over a box, you would think it would get a bit more blood to that brain? Cheap yoga practice, if ya ask me.

  7. Happy Birthday FC and MP! It really is amazing that MP is here for this!

  8. We hope Mama P and Fat Charlie had their bestest birthday ever!

    Sneezes and hugs,
    Bajas & Ane

  9. Happy,Happy B'day!! Love,P-Doggy

  10. Happy, happy birthday to both Mama Pajama and Fat Charlie! We know you will be wonderfully spoiled and hugged with special hugs today.

    Star the Wonder Dog and Family

  11. Happy Birthday to Mama Pajama and Fat Charlie!
    Congratulations on your award!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Happy Birthday MP and FC! We all have to wait at my house for a while for the next birthday which is mine in November. That's usually the only time we get ice cream. No fair!

    Congrats on the award --



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