Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Oh, dear readers, much delight and chubbiness abounds in this house!

You remember we went to see our dear friends Carolyn and Greg and Easy, Spice, Finesse, Early, Beauty, Bea, and Jack. (We missed Quincy who was off visiting a friend of his and getting his Championship while he was at it. A magically nice person whisked him away while Carolyn was going for chemo and radiation, and brought him back after he won that last big major he needed to be a Champion in the AKC's eyes. He already was one in Carolyn's. But that magically nice person made Carolyn and Greg very happy.)

[The handsome Easy. photo by Carolyn]

Anyway, while I was visiting them in their beautiful town, we went to the most wonderful old-fashioned grocery store. It was like it had jumped right out of the sixties! Oh my their local meats would make you dogs roll over in ecstasy, and baked goods and produce, and they got fish flown in on Fridays, and it was just amazing.

But when we were in line to check out, I spied something that made me cry out in delight! They had SKY BARs! I had not seen one Sky Bar in thirty years. When I was a little person, a trip to the movies was an Exciting Event, not necessarily due to the film, but because I could buy a SKY BAR!!!

Well, what came in the mail yesterday? From Carolyn and Greg in western Pennsylvania?

Yes they did! They sent me THREE SKY BARS!!! There are only two pictured, because of that chubbiness mentioned earlier. And Swede William figured since it was his birthday, he could self serve from the counter, but I caught him in the nick of time! I gave him a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream last night for celebrations, but I did NOT share my SKY BAR with him, other than what he had already licked. I am a big chubby human hog when it comes to my SKY BAR.

I have way better friends than I deserve, that's all I can say. Thanks Greg and Carolyn!

hug your hounds


  1. that's so cool. I have given my parents a list of items I want them to bring me when they bring the girl back from their house. Stuff you can't get down here.

    Peanut's mom

  2. Those sky bars look seriously yummy. Wonder where I could find some around here :)


  3. Sky Bars,Greg,and Carolyn Rule!!!(somewhat surprised Fat Charlie didn't try to scarf a piece!) Martha and P

  4. what a sweet present, literally! I have never seen a sky bar before, but Mom has all kinds of things from Western PA that she has her sister send her from time to time. Tastes from years past are always so fun! ENJOY!

  5. What nice friends to send you all those Sky Bars that you love.
    Happy Birthday to Swede William.

  6. I remember the joy of a Sky Bar. Each section a different filling of yummy sweetness.
    What nice friends you have.

  7. My mom is crazy for Sky Bars--too bad they are in every Cracker Barrel down here along with bags of candies from all the decades! Glad you had a fun visit!

    love & wags,

  8. Mom has never had one of those but candy bars from her childhood that she hasn't seen in ages do bring a smile to her face!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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