Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time for a Walk?

Could we go for a walk, just around several blocks?
Do you s'pose that is too much to ask?
I see that you're tired and your job has you wired;
Is a walk an impossible task?

I lay here on the floor with my ears to the door
Waiting patiently for your return.
Now you're home, oh hooray! And if you'd only say
Those sweet words for which I dearly yearn.

I was good all day, though I did go astray
And surf that perfectly grand stick of butter!
I could easily see that you left it for me
Right there in the countertop clutter.

And I chewed up your shoe, cause it smelled just like you
And that made me feel close to your heart.
I must say that my tummy feels awfully rumbly-
Oops! There went one: I let a big fart!

No, don't plop in your chair! You'll get stuck sitting there,
And I'll never get my exercise.
I'll explode into bits and collapse into fits.
Wait! I know! I'll stare deep in your eyes.

See how I adore you, and now I implore you
To take me and the ball to the park.
Oh it's working: you're up, and you've put down your cup!
"Yahoo, yippee, tra la la," I bark!

I don't ask for much and isn't it really such
A most glorious wonderful day?
You are smiling now too, this is so good for you;
You're the very best human, I say!

hug your walkin' humans


  1. saramurphy100@yahoo.comJune 4, 2008 at 7:43 AM

    Great view, I felt like I was walking. I miss my walk with my best friend! Fun Poem!

  2. Nope. A walk should never be too much to ask for. We doggies deserve it. I get 4-5 walkie a day... hee...


  3. Lovely. I have posted it on the wall by muzzer's bed. Morning walkies are the hardest for her. Maybe if Teka would sleep til 5:00 it would be better?


  4. oh our mom needs to get off her lazy bum and walk us.

  5. Yep we are going to post it too......most of the time they are pretty good( and we get about 4 walks a day) but it is the after work walk that is sometimes a little iffy.This made PL2 feel guilty..and we say GOOD!!! Love A+A

  6. OOh I'd love to go for a walk but since the humans built that backyard fence we don't get to go at all. We get to hunt around the yard for critters though... so that's alright. Great poem though!


  7. I like your poem!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. A walking poem--never saw one before! Most excellent.

    love & wags,

  9. A great poem! It makes me laugh too!

    Thanks for the tip. Going to practise my staring now.

  10. and the Canine Kids said,

    We Canine Kids agree with your poem. What a talented, gifted writer you are and how we enjoyed seeing our doggie sentiments about walks expressed so eloquently.


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