Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not a story, not a poem

Just personal stuff. I'm going to fly to PA tomorrow to visit a friend, and I don't think I'll have Internet access for a while (til Thursday). I won't have access to my waggle either (insert horror film scream like Psycho) but I will have lots of access to my friend's whippets whom I haven't seen in a long time.

Giacomino is doing so well on the meclizine that I'm going to talk to my dear Ol' Poke 'n Stick about keeping him on a low dose for the rest of his life.

Thanks again for

  1. suffering with me through poetry week

  2. reading my blog at all

  3. and thanks to you all who ordered from my website; I've gotten all the orders done, and you helped to let me go see my friend. (Those of you who know who my friend is, know how much this means.)

Our dog show was awesome and I am sooooo proud of our little club! Every member worked hard but had fun doing it and the judges, exhibitors and spectators were liberal with their compliments. Here's an article I wrote about the show before it happened. I didn't get to show my own dogs because I missed the entry deadline (oh there's that horror scream again), but I got to handle someone else's whippet to a Group 2 today!

Oh dear, I leave for the airport in six hours...

Here are some silly photos of ''Special" Luciano finding a comfy place to sleep, to Fat Charlie's dismay.

Good night, and hug your hounds and please send good vibes to my nine, and my saint of a husband.


  1. oh - so glad the old fella is doing well! have a good trip and see you back here soon.

  2. Have fun and enjoy your time away!!

  3. sending good vibes! have fun with the whippets - we have a beagle convention on saturday, it's so nice to see other doggies of the same breed and just talk for hours

  4. have a great trip. we will keep good thoughts on VOD while you are gone

    gussie and Teka

  5. and the Canine Kids said,
    We will miss you while you are away but we will definitely send the best of vibes to the whippets 9 and to Bill.
    Have a safe, wonderful journey to visit your friend.
    We loved the pictures!

  6. Have fun! Give C our best. I'm so glad you get to go and visit. I'm sure YOU will feel better after you get a chance to see how things are for yourself.

    I cannot even repeat what Saint Rob said when I told him you were leaving Bill with nine whippets for almost a week!

  7. saramurphy100@aol.comJune 9, 2008 at 3:09 PM

    I have a dear friend that takes a picture of her dogs with her where ever she goes. She just sent me a picture of her on the beach and her dogs picture sitting on the chair next to hers!!!

    I have only left Sara and Murphy three times in 13 years!I'm a freak without them. I know the scream feeling. They are my greatest joy!

    Take Care, Hurry Back!

  8. Hope the trip went well.Glad VOD is better. We really loved the poems,P! Sending Best Wishes and lots of prayers to "Friend" who I had the pleasure of meeting YEARS ago,and whose coats Phantom wears proudly! (Hope I picked the right friend!) Martha and P-Doggy

  9. I'm happy to heaw VOD is doing bettew!!!
    I am sending all my vewy stwong stubbown tewwiew good vibes!
    smoochie kisses

  10. Have a great trip and wonderful time. Are those whippets comfortable?

  11. I laughed at your quotes for "special" Luciano, as I have a "special" grey (Partner), who often seems to do that same maneuver - and only the other grey will not get up (too much trouble, dontcha know). I showed the photos to my friend, who said, "It's a skinny dog thang, I guess."
    Have a great short vacation and thanks so much for the smiles and laughs!

  12. LOL! I love the way the 2 whippets sleep.

    Have a safe trip, Patience. We will send good thoughts over for things to run smoothly while you are away.


  13. Have a great time in PA, Patience! The Whippets will all be just fine with their daddy - don't worry!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. Have a wonderful time in PA, enjoy yourself! I am sure the waggle will miss you as much as we will!!!!

  15. Bless the hounds, Bless Bill, most importantly...BLESS YOU! What you are doing is so very special.....


  16. Keeping sweet thoughts for Old Dog and all of your hounds. Here's to a glorious visit in Pa. and can I just say I so enjoyed those poems and photos. You are a gift. By the way, while I've not yet been able to crawl into your book as I would like, I have scanned. Oh, what a treat this will be.


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