Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fortissimo !

These nine dogs do love a good song.
If I start, they all sing along.
Lips form perfect ohses
With up-thrusted noses
And "Ah-wooos" rise up from the throng.

If a visitor comes to our house,
Saying "hush, dogs" I feel like a louse!
But shush them I must
Or eardrums would bust
And it plucks the last nerve of my spouse.

True they purely can raise a great racket!
It can sound quite like an attack! It
Is Noise at its sweetest -
Sirens could not compete, it's
Not joy or sheer volume they lack.

When you chance by our home in the city
You might hear that sound which is pretty
Of musical hounds
Whose loudness astounds
As they howl out their delightful ditty!

Hug your howlin' hounds

[Have you wondered why all the poetry? We had our 56,000th page view of this blog! We missed the 50,000th entirely, and now it's up to 58,421 anyway, so we are having a little celebration! That's all.]


  1. Wow. You can form a choir with 9 whippets. Can you record it and show us? I would love to hear them sing!


  2. Hey, congratulations!!
    I've never figured out how one figures out how many people visit one's site. Congratulations on that too.

  3. Very Dr Seuss! I'm loving it! :)

  4. Oh my...Now Teka wants to know if they need someone to sing falsetto? Her favorite trick.


  5. What a wonderful pome! I might be the odd man out but could I join your choir? I LOVE to sing. My ma ape learned this once in the middle of the night when I started crooning for the first time with a siren. Now I always sing with sirens! And now my duet partner Oscar!


  6. You are so ready for the Met. You guys would pack the house.

  7. we love the poems! congrats on all the page visits, I bet that is about 56,000 smiles!!

  8. and the Canine Kids said,
    Congratulations on the page views of your blog! What a great way to celebrate with a poem dedicated to that special whooing sound made by whippets. There is nothing quite like it in the world.


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