Monday, June 2, 2008

Thank a Dog!

When your life is downright lousy, hug a dog.
Or if you're feeling sad and drowsy, hug a dog.
A dog'll make things better
And your face a whole lot wetter.
For happy kisses and reminisces, hug a dog.

If your walking feels so lonely, take a dog!
If your talking is baloney, tell a dog.
A dog will point out squirrels and flowers,
And listen to blah blah blah for hours!
He will nudge you, never judge you, will that dog.

If you want a glimpse of heaven, see a dog.
To hear clearly words unsaid, then be a dog.
If we'd only pay attention,
With a smidge of comprehension,
We'd learn forgiving and joy of living from a dog.

If you're needing understanding, there's your dog.
And if dinner's he's demanding, feed that dog!
Let his wagging tail amuse you
An occasional fart abuse you,
Thank stars lucky, life is ducky with your dog.

hug your poetic hounds


  1. This is so beautiful and absolutely true! Haven't read such a nice poem in a really long time. Thank you! Now I'm going to hug my hound :)

  2. 'Bout time we get our due!


    ps. I'm telling my ma ape we can't have a pack as big as yours. We might be getting close, at least in weight.

  3. So sweet!
    Our dog passed away a few years ago and because we travel so much we decided not to add another family member into the household. boo-hoo!
    We all miss our Muse and having a dog around.
    Michael and Xan arrive on the 17th.
    Yikes, we are in a flurry of discombobulated packing.

  4. This is the best poem we've heard in a long time and so true!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Patience,
    What a great poem. I love it! Thanks for posting it.

  6. If yur whippets make you happy -Bark out loud
    And your wardrobe's looking sappy -
    Bark out loud
    If your readers like your poems and the other stuff you show em
    If you've really got it goin'- Bark out loud


  7. Such a wonderful would be so empty without our loving dogs!

  8. I like that a lot! We might have to print that out and stick it up somewhere!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  9. Just.... wonderful!! And so very, very complete!

  10. w00f's all...dat iz sooo true, nobody will ever love u as much as ur doggie, kitty, hammie or any pet kids will...

    b safe,

  11. Oh, I"m very sorry to hear about your friend. If she is owned by whippets she is obviously a good person. I know they will take good care of her. Sigh.


  12. I guess that I will have to hug your hounds because I have no hound to hug!

  13. So true!
    I wonder what I'd do without Lorenza!

  14. A dog or two or three always make life nicer.

  15. What a lovely poem! And so very true!

  16. and the Canine Kids said,
    What a beautiful poem on the meaning of dogs in our lives.


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