Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WOWSA!!!! We hit the JACKPOT!!!

An amazing smelling package came in the mail today. I was buzzing about in worse than my usual senile fog, because I had a LIST of things to do before my trip. Any time that I am so panicked I have a LIST, I am way far gone.
So this wonderful package came and the return address said


and I just put it in my brain that it was a birthday present for Mama Pajama and Fat Charlie.

I took just the two of them into the living room and foyer areas to open the goodies.

Fat Charlie studied the address, and said, "Yeah, that's the ticket! This whole box is addressed to me! Oh, yes and my sissie Mama, too." (If you click to enlarge the photo, you will see the address says "and the whippets" and nowhere but my fanciful brain were Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama singled out.)

"Never mind the card, oh Senile One! We'll read it." (The card says "Our Whippet Buddies" not for Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama only.)

"Look, it's all from our dear sweet Airedale friends, Maggie and Mitch!! See this beautiful card? Yup it says everything is JUST for me.. er, us! la la la, la dee dah!" (I swear if Mama Pajama could have whistled an innocent, carefree tune, she would have.)

And the box was truly bursting with the most wonderful of wonderfulness, the likes of which the Waggle has never seen!

Fat Charlie got his treat on one couch...

And Mama Pajama got hers on the other.


Now I, the humble senile servant started counting the goodies, and got to nine, and realized this was for sharing. I read the sweet card, and it said the treats were for



Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama who were already chewing theirs like maniacs.

Luciano, "No Cow noses for me, please! That's barbaric!!! I'm a little special, and oh dear, oh my!"

Ahhh! That's better. A little Texas jerky for me!

Sweet Delia

Sam I Am

Swede William

And Lindy Loo.

The dogs are pictured in their messy beds in our bedroom. I feared distributing such a wealth of yumminess on the loose, as such heights of ecstacy mght have evolved into quarrels, so instead of getting the usual bedtime biscuits, they got Moo Tubes and More!

What a generous wonderful kind thing of Maggie and Mitch to do! [The Dogs with Blogs gang held a huge International Goodie exchange recently. I did not sign up the waggle because there are just so many of them, and I didn't think it would be fair. So Maggie and Mitch sent the whippets this HUGE present anyway!!! How sweet is that!!!]

We can never thank you enough, and this is a bed time we will always remember forever! There is also an orange rubbery frisbee and ball in one which squeaks!!! Oh I can't wait to see the young'uns playing with that!

That was such a nice nice nice thing you did but we're not surprised that you did it because your are the nice nice nicest Dales EVER!!!

Thank you from all the whippets and Patience , their humble, grateful servant.

hug your hounds


  1. maggie and Mitch are about the nicest dogs we know.

  2. What a great package to receive.

  3. Maggie and Mitch are the bestest, even if they are not WFTs! Have a great trip. Have the replacement servant call if he needs more dogs. I will send my two along.

    gussie's muzzer

  4. Yes, M & M are real sweeties, to be sure!
    Looks like everyone is totally enjoying their goody.
    We usually hit the jackpot like that when mom comes back from the big dog show in Houston which is THIS MONTH! WooHoo!!

  5. I think it's time for another road trip. Such good friends need to get together every now and then!

  6. Wow! That's one nice pressie!


  7. Wow it must have been very quiet in your house with all the whippets quietly gnawing!

  8. HA!! It was LOUD!!! Chomp chomp chomp crunch yumm yumm yumm!!!

  9. I was thinking no one got any sleep with all that crunching and slurping going on! Lisa

  10. Oooo those look like good goodies in a box! And Wow you have nine doggies in your house? I have five brothers and sisters and we have Tony a foster brother now too, so we have seven dogs here and it's packed! We hope Tony will get a good home soon, but I like him he sometimes plays with me. :)

    I like your greyhound friends can I come play?

  11. That was so nice of Maggie & Mitch! We have to chew our rawhides separately too so there isn't a riot. Nice to celebrate birthdays for days!!

    love & wags,

  12. What a nice gift. It is always a wonderful surprise to get packages in the mail. So glad the senile one finally figured out that all of you were to get something.

  13. We love Maggie and Mitch. We know that, until you met all of us "hairy dogs" - dales and foxies in particular - you whippets were a litle uncertain about the likes of us.

    But now you know what kind and generous creatures lurk underneath all that fur -- especially the likes of Maggie and Mitch -- your opinion may have changed.

    We loved the "What about us?" photo!! Priceless.

    Patience, have a wonderful trip -- we will all be anticipating dogalicious photos.

    Lots of love!! Be safe. Have fun!! Be inspired!!

    Jake and Just Harry and their Mom

  14. lucky Whippets!! That orange disc thing is made by the same folks who make CUZ thus making it AWESOME. You guys really looked like you were enjoying your chewies, what great pals!!

  15. Yeaaaaaaaaaa, we're glad the package made it there before you left, Patience! Enjoy the treats guys!
    You guys are pretty darn special to us too, ya know!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Wow! Thats loads of nice stuff from M&M. It isn't easy to get pressies for all 9 whippets in 1 package.


  17. What a great package! So sweet of Maggie & Mitch!

  18. Hi, friends!
    You got yummy presents from Maggie and Mitch!
    Glad you all enjoyed them!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. wow, what a cool bunch of goodies. Maggie and Mitch are wonderful dog friends.


  20. Oh, what a wonderful and generous present. We can tell you all had fun.

  21. I love all the pictures- I forget how I found your blog, maybe through Whippet World or Whippet Lovers? Anyways- we've been members there forever but hardly post..I'm Wallace and Gromit's mom :) I love the blog, and the boys are faithful readers too! We have a blog also, you should check it out sometime :)


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