Sunday, July 6, 2008

In Sweden!

This photo was taken at 10:00 AT NIGHT!!! It's light all night long!

And here is Swede William's beautiful sister, Bree, with William's very pregnant Nana Lisa!!! Lisa did FANTASTIC at the World Show, with Bree being second and William's young nephew winning best puppy and getting 3rd best puppy in the combined sighthound, terrier, and sporting groups!!!
We've been eating and enjoying the beauty and light of this place!
More later when I have a better Internet connection.

hug your hounds, and mine too if you see them... Bill says the Very Old Dogs are doing just fine so far


  1. Ahh, but if it is light all the time now, in the winter it would be dark :( That, I could not tolerate. Good that some people can.

    I'm glad that you are having a good time, and that the Very Old Dogs are doing well. Have FUN!

  2. Oh, how I envy you! It looks beautiful there! The dogs have been very peaceful! Haven't heard much out of them. Maybe that's a bad sign, but I doubt it! Enjoy yourself!

  3. have fun fun fun and lots more fun

  4. light all night - that's amazing. does that mean it's dark all winter? blah.

    it's good to hear that the Very Old Dogs are doing okay in your absence. enjoy!


  5. Ah, it is light late in England too, and farther up in Scotland. Dad has trouble sleeping. Teka says it is because she is not there to keep him warm. I think Swede William's sister is bootiful. If I weren't already attached to the lovely Miss S, me and Teka could make a family affair of this.


  6. They there everybody,

    What a wonderful group picture of all of you guys. The individual pictures are great too. Now the Mommy said she can identify everbody. The Mommy has a folder just for you all on our computer, so when your Mommy does a post the Mommy can look in her folder and know who is who.


  7. i was in finland once at midsummer. same thing--they light bonfires at midnight, but they might just as well light them at noon....

  8. Can't wait to hear more about your time in Sweden!!! I remember being in Norway in the middle of summer and experiencing the light even during the night!

  9. Glad you are enjoying you time there!
    Sure the kids are doing well.
    Kisses and hugs

  10. it is GREAT to hear from you and glad to hear the dogs are doing ok without you. I am sure they miss you a LOT! I cannot believe how light it is, must be hard to sleep!

  11. Sweden! What a beautiful place! Have fun now!

  12. Congratulations to dear Bree! She has done her family proud.
    What a beauty!

    With respect,

    Star the Wonder Dog


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