Monday, July 14, 2008

Virtual Love Affair!

Swede William here!

Oh the excitement I have to share!!! I could not tell a word of this because it was a TOP SECRET, but I have had quite the time while the servant was in my Mother's Land!

I had a visitor from my secret love, *sigh* Teka!

She, being a true terrier, knows no fear and when I sent my personal limousine

she hopped right on and didn't look back!

She fit in beautifully and our manservant was so overwhelmed taking care of all nine of us by himself he didn't even notice that her legs were shorter than ours!

We had some quality time, (I am a gentledog and will not go into de tales here)

and my Waggle was so impressed with her excellent qualities (prey drive, busy-ness level, shredding talents, fence guarding ferocity) that we made her an honorary Wagglette!!!

But then Teka's Gussie (one of my Very Good Wirey Fox Terrier friends) sent Detective Joe Stains to tell us that Gussie's and Teka's muzzer was wild with worry, since Teka has been demonstrating her excellent escaping artist skills. (Which, muzzer ma'am, was why she came to the Lowertown ARTs district!!! Well, arts and her true love who is ME!)

So we gave her a ride home to Mayemphis

in the Whippet Wagon.


I miss her...


Swede William

editor's note: Be sure to visit Gus's blog and Joe Stain's blog!! They are two of our very favorite bloggers and are guaranteed to give a smile!


  1. True love! I will keep my eyes peeled for some of those personal whippet wagons in case I get bored up here!


    ps. That video you linked to made me roach with laughter. And then cry--because there's more truth than fiction there.

  2. Ah so we now catch a glimpse of what Teka was doing while visiting you. Glad the manservant didn't notice.

  3. Please tell Swede William thank you from me for being such a gentle-pup. We are glad she is back, but we'll be ready to send her back soon

    gussie and muzzer

  4. It looks like Teka fits in very well with the family! We hope she comes for another visit soon but next time we hope she lets her mom know where she's going!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. So, we thought LindyLoo was Swede William's true love? What's the deal??? Martha and P-Doggy (who would be grateful for ANY love he can find!!)

  6. You guys were very nice to me when I visited, I don't know why I felt I had to sneak around at first. I just definitely don't look like a Whippet and didn't want to alert you guys!!! I am glad Teka is home but I am sure you miss her!!!

  7. I know they had a great time!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Ah true love......Is Teka drinking a beer in that pic??? Love A+A

  9. Looking at the last pic, you must be really missing Teka. Perhaps you 2 can take turns to escape to visit each other, (shh..hhh... Dun tell mum that I suggested this.) ;)




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