Sunday, July 20, 2008

Enjoying Orebro (Sweden part seven)

***** Please scroll down to see if you can help me with the stray dog - next post down, thank you *****

There are things in Sweden we can't get here in the States. This surprised me, as I thought we had everything in the world here. But we kept seeing, in addition to Lisa's way cool van, other car models that we don't have over here. Lisa and her husband Krister live out in the country in a charming home, with, get ready, heated floors. Crystal and I stayed in their oh so unbelievably cool camper, the likes of which we have not seen over here. It too had heated wood floors, beautiful cabinetry, great black out shades (well, yes, they would have those in Sweden!), and it was so comfy. I'm going to take a guess that it wasn't full of formaldehyde like our new trailers are, either.
(OK, I guess that I have to admit here that I did break their camper a little bit. I do not have such good trailer karma, but that dear readers is a whole other story.)
And then there was this little Electrolux thing sitting in their yard. "What's that?" I asked, fascinated.
"That's our lawn mower."
Their lawn was beautifully manicured.
"But there's no handle!"
"It's a robot. It automatically turns itself on, mows the yard, and puts itself away."
"Yes, we just have to be sure the dogs are put away because they try to chase it."
"What if it got stolen?"
"It won't work if it's away from its home base."
And then there was her regular Electrolux vacuum cleaner. Half the size - literally - of mine and silent, it sucked up everything in its path. I feared for the puppies, so powerful was this machine, yet it barely whispered.

Puppies? Oh yes there were puppies!

I've already discussed the unbelievable deliciousness of the Smorgestorte, but my mouth is watering in fond remembrance.

We went into the town of Orebro (there's an umlaut somewhere but not on my keyboard) for dinner. What a delightful, charming town. There's even a castle with a moat. And everything was clean and there were flowers planted everywhere.

Every nook was a visual delight.

We were treated to a wonderful dinner at a Turkish restaurant. I had steak and potatoes on a wood plank, with oh so savory haricots verts wrapped in prosciutto. On the way home, in the field right behind Lisa and Krister's was the hugest deer I ever saw. I was certain it was a moose or at least an elk, but no, it was a giant red deer.

I do adore Lisa's dogs, and because of Swede William, I feel like they are family. We looked at photos, and talked about the difference between Swedish whippets and American, and ate and ate more and had some time to catch up on our rest.

Oh. And that photo of the deer? 9:40 PM.

Our time passed in a blink, and we loaded up the van, I kissed Sweet Sotis, my darling William's mom, goodbye, thanked Krister for his generous hospitality, and headed to Kraaga Manor for the Fifth International Whippet Congress.

to be continued... HERE


  1. What a fabulous trip and what a beautiful country! You sure brought back lots of fantastic memories!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. When we were in Germany and looking for a new car. I fell in love with this little cross between a suv and a minivan. It was lovely but they didn't make it to american specs and therefore I couldn't get it :( I got Peanut instead. haha I also miss my lovely heated bathroom floors.

    The mom

  3. A mower that only works in your own yard?? That sounds like from other world!
    Thanks for sharing all those pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Where do I find a number for heated floors?? I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. Sweden sounds so totally pawesome.

  5. Ohmydog! That looks like so much fun, though I'm not sure we can believe that you were in Sweden until we see an Ikea! My ma ape wants some of those wonderful Swedish robots. It looks like you had a much deserved awesome time and I'm glad you got to get away from your worries for a bit!

    wally t.

  6. The Euro Van used to be available in the US. Unfortunately no longer. Makes me miss my old busses. As for the lawn mower, it's pricey, but they started selling them her last year. Will it do my 1 3/4 acre yard? Never mind, the landlord cuts it... Would also love radiant heating. Keep them feets toasty in the winter. Never heard of it in a camper before.


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