Sunday, July 20, 2008

***** Oh, SWEETIE ***** HELP! Advice needed!!!

I will go into the details later, but this little darling Shih Tzu was wandering in my neighborhood this morning, and asked for help. She is limping, and I believe she has sarcoptic mange. She doesn't have fleas.

At first I thought she was very old, but after I got her home, I got a quick look at her teeth and she is NOT OLD. I only got a glance, but I think she maybe around two or even less. She is soooooo sweet and friendly so right now I'm calling her Sweetie.

My question- Does anyone know if there is a decent over the counter dip/shampoo that I can use to get a start on the mange? Or to soothe her skin a little? I will take her to the vet first thing tomorrow, but oh, she is heartbreaking.

And those of you with HAIRY DOGS, do I just cut the mats off on her face and legs? I don't know about these things.

I'm guessing someone who couldn't afford to treat her dropped her off. She is not skinny and I do NOT believe she has been out in the elements for long. She is not in the least cowed, and just wags and wags her gay little tail.

If I don't get some advice here, I will call my dear vets later. I don't want to interrupt their Sunday morning, though, as this is not a life and death situation.
I think she is a beautiful little dog! But I can't stop crying.
Hug your hounds, a little extra today, for Sweetie.


  1. I don't know about the OTC products for the mange...
    I grew up with a hairy dog (a fact that contributes greatly to my decision to live with a short hair breed). If her hair is really matted, I would just cut them off. If she seems unafraid, it is sometimes easiest to cut them gently away using little sharp scissors to get under the mats....poor lil' girl!

  2. I found this page on the web:

    It has what sounds like soothing type recipes with yogurt/oatmeal/cider vinegar which is all you can do until you get to the vet's. Ivermectin you can get from a farm store but you don't have an official diagnosis so I'd opt for just comfort right now.

    River's mom

  3. I agree about gently cutting the matted hair off. Once you get them off, or even before, try Aveeno oatmeal soak. It's great for rashy skin and helps soothe the irritations. It's gentle and fairly inexpensive. Just a uick trip to the local drug store. Bless you for taking in this sweetie!

  4. Patient, I think you should have her shaved down completely so that it will be easier for you to treat her skin condition. Pleas have a skin scrapping done I think it look sort of like dermodex to me. The treatment is totally different.

    To sooth of rashes and itches we use tar shampoo. Usual ways, wet the coat apply the shampoo on for 10 to 15 mins then rinse off. Apply anticeptic cream on the skin daily.

    Long hair breed dun necessarily have matted hair easily if you use the right products and groom regularly but that will be until she fully recover from the current skin condition before we embark on that.

    Please keep us posted on her progress. I was just thinking about the dog you have found in your neighbourhood and later got adopted previously when I was looking at the picture of the dog we have found locally with the similar condition and now I see this. Could it be that they know there is a big hearted dog lover in your area and started to abandon their dogs there for they know you will never let it go on suffering like that?

    I wish Sweetie all the best that her condition can be treated and that she recover fully soon.



  5. Oh Patience...I don't have any advice for you, but thank you for taking her in and caring. Hugs!

  6. We haven't had any experience at all with this sort of thing! What a sweetie she is! Bless you for helping her, Patience!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. oh what a beautiful little dog. what a sad story!!!

    i think any kind of oatmeal bath will relieve the itching until you can get her to a doctor, but it won't cure the mange.

  8. ps yes cut the mats off. otherwise they rub on the skin.

  9. Cut off those mats. Mom says she knows more about mange then she would like since Flash had sarcoptic mange and I had demodex mange. Mom says with the sarcoptic flash didn't lose any hair at all but with mine I did. Oh and the vet had mom treat Flash and I the same for our different manges and she actually still has the instructions on how to do that.

  10. Mango Momma here -
    I left a reply on DWB. Mango's mange was treated with heartworm medication. To be honest, it looked ugly, but didn't really bother him that much. Its easy to get a solid diagnosis with a skin scraping.

    Regarding the mats, I had a long haired dog with the occassional mats, and, yes, I just cut them off.

    I agree with Snowball that a good clipping might be in order to make it easier to treat her bad skin.

    She is so lucky to have found you.

  11. Hi, Patience!
    We are so sorry we don't know anything about those problems. But we know Sweetie is in good hands. Yours! We are sure you will do anything for her. We hope she gets better soon.
    Take care
    Lorenza and mom

  12. omdog poooor baby. she is lucky you found her. :(

  13. Oh that poor dog! I think I saw over at the Bone Zone that you tried the oatmeal shampoo. I looked similarly when I was picked up many years ago and my foster ma just poured some oatmeal into the tub and put me into it. I didn't have mange, though, I had flea allergies (and malnutrition). I'm surprised I didn't eat the whole tub! Milk can also be soothing on the skin, though you have to be careful to get it all off so it doesn't attract flies. Cool stuff can also feel good if you have any ice paks to wrap in towels and let the sweetie sleep on them.
    I hope the vet can help out and I hope he finds a wonderful home. Poor dude. But that is what I looked like when I was found--so things can get better! You just gotta find the right peoples--and it looks like this dog is smart. He found the best one possible!

    wally t.

    ps. If he needs financial help, you know my e-mail address. We'd be glad to help with his treatment.

  14. Patience,

    Oh that poor little dear!!

    One of my favorite remedies for really angry skin and topical infections is Rosemary infusion or tea. If you have a Rosemary bush in your hard, just cut a few branches and seep in spring or distilled water until nice and strong, let cool and spritz onto the skin. It won't kill the mange, but will help sooth the skin and it's antibiotic properties will help with any secondary infections due to the mange.


  15. Awww....I see you found her in 2008? How is she now? God bless you for taking her in.


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