Sunday, July 20, 2008

**** Sweetie update ****

Photos and first post HERE. Thank you, every one of you, for all your helpful information and suggestions. It helps immeasurably to know that you are out there caring what happens to this dog.

I know if I were a really good blogger I would have updated photos for you, but I just don't have the heart.

Here's the new information.

She absolutely does have fleas. I didn't see any flea dirt, or fleas when I first brought her home, so I assumed... wrong. I gave her a bath, in some soothing herbal flea repellent shampoo, and then in an oatmeal shampoo. The mats on her feet and legs are flea colonies. I H.A.T.E. fleas. I picked about twenty-five off her. (She is about five pounds and is neither over or underweight.) And then I couldn't stand it anymore and sprayed her with some Adams. (I had the Adams from a long ago field trial where the seed ticks were so bad they were on our dogs by the hundreds. I hate ticks too.)

The good news in the flea infestation, is, as Wally pointed out, she may have a flea dermatitis which would be better (in my mind, anyway) than sarcoptic mange. (I hate sarcoptic mange - same bug as Scabies - MOST OF ALL ... hang on I'll be right back I need to take another shower.)

I was able to cut off some of the mats, but not many. They are so bad that they are pulling her face contorted and it hurts her. I am afraid of poking her with the scissors or cutting her, and until we see the vet, and I have some help holding her, I just can't do it.

She still wags her swollen, scabby tail at me, even after I tried cutting off the mats.

She has a cough. It's a raspy, wheezy tracheitis sounding cough. I HOPE it's an irritated trachea from being outside and panting panting panting. I hope it's NOT kennel cough or heartworm. I really hope it's NOT those things. She is in Bill's studio until we find out if she is contageous.

Her nails are disgusting. She has a nail on a front foot and a back foot which curl all the way around, under the foot and come back up, beyond 360 degrees, more like about 410 degrees. She has to walk on them.

She comes when you call her.

Hug your hounds. I'm going to take another shower. I can't get the stink of human disgrace off me.


  1. Oh dear...We just got back from picking up Muzzer and Dad in St. Loulis...boy, are they mad at us. Or they were til I told them about Sweetie.

    Muzzer says she is also humiliated by being a hooman at now. We hope you find the person who treated Sweetie this way and let the whippets pound them into the ground.

    Gussie and Teka

  2. Patience, I do not know if you feel the same way as jie jie do. She felt that when she works more with animals, the more she hated humans.

    You are being very kind to Sweetie and all the other dogs you have rescued before. Your kindness will be repaid.

    Do let us know about her progress after the visit to the vet.


  3. that's such a sad story about Sweetie. she should be shaved completely down and then have her skin treated and de-fleaed. we worry about her cough. we can't believe that someone would neglect a pet and then dump it. us poodles will help you stomp that bad person.


  4. Oh poor Sweetie. I hope they can get the mats off so the skin can be treated. Poor poor Sweetie. It's amazing how forgiving we dogs are, eh? The apes could learn a lot from us.


  5. You're an absolute angel for taking care of Sweetie, Patience! Shame on the hoomans that neglected her!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Oh poor Sweetie.
    Maybe you should change her name to Lucky since she found you!!
    We wish her all the best in the world.
    When my mom fostered our sister Lilly she had kennel cough and heartworms. They gave her the yucky meds and now she is 100% better and is one feisty 14 year old!

  7. Strays follow you. You have that Good-Dog-Owner-Smell. What is Delia doing now that she doesn't have Bill's studio to herself?

  8. Patience, do you know if there is or was an elderly person within a small distance from you? If Sweetie is still friendly she might not have been 'missing'for long. I'd seriosly wonder if an elder had to leave their home and either no one thought about the dog, or someone purposely let her out to find a nice person like you. Sad idea, but a possibility...

  9. Patience,
    Thanks for taking care of Sweetie. I can't wait to hear what the vet says about her. I hope she's going to be OK. Lucky you can use Bill's studio, but where is Delia staying?
    Sheila & Lady

  10. OMG Patience....that poor girl. No sign of the owners I take it?

  11. w00f's Patience, u iz a wonderful lady, taking care of sweetie..who nos what she's had to face in her life b4...i hope she can overcome wattever she has and make sumone a loving friend fur life..

    b safe,

  12. Patience, you are such a blessing to people and animals everywhere. We'll be eager to hear what happens with Sweetie! xoxoxmt

  13. Yeah to you for taking care of the little one! Hope she is feeling better soon, am sure she will with your care.

    Woofs, Johann

  14. I absolutely didn't realize that YOU rescued sweetie. That is what I get for reading your story first. You are a SAINT!


    Ed & Em send their love and well wishes to Sweetie.

  15. Poor Sweetie! I'm still catching up, I hope there is good news on Sweetie's health further up.


  16. Patience,

    We've looked through your recent posts to see news of Sweetie...

    Jake and Just Harry


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