Monday, July 7, 2008


This was lunch (in English, it's pronounced "YUUUUMMMMMM !!!")

Swede William's sisters and nephew enjoyed the American toys!

Swede William's beautiful mother, Sotis, with our host Krister

Lisa and Krister's own Very Old Dog, sweet Tindra:

And here is Swede William's beautiful home town of Orebro:

We said goodbye and a HUGE thank you to Krister, as we stole his wife and headed north to Enkoping (pronounced eeyinshooping if you can believe it) for the Fifth International Whippet Congress, to be followed by The Swedish National Whippet Show. Lisa brought William's litter sister Bree, and his nephew Stavros, so I said a sad goodbye to the rest of the dogs. The Congress is at a GORGEOUS estate, Kragga Manor, and it's supposed to stop raining tomorrow!

The news from Bill is:
All is well back here. I have my morning routine down pat. I'm up about 5:30, get dogs an hour later, feed said dogs, walk M P, Maria, and Beans around the block, sit on porch for 5-10 mins waiting for Karen, and when she arrives at 7:20 we take two walks with the other 6, I take 2 dogs and K takes one. Then...K leaves, and I pick up poop, and by 8:30 the morning routine is done. (I'm getting good at pooper scooping.)
Dogs are well, everyone has a voracious appetite. F C is sleeping on the bed with me and Beans.

(M P is Mama Pajama, F C is Fat Charlie, and Beans is Giacomino, aka Very Old dog.) Karen is our Dear and Wonderful Neighbor (thank you Karen).

I am one of the luckiest women alive.

Hug your hounds oh how I miss mine


  1. Lunch looks delicious and Orebro is just beautiful! We just know that you're having the greatest time! Good for you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Oh my, what a lovely place Swede William comes from! And what nice dogs he has in his family. Does he know Teka is prlly a puppy farm dog? We can't find out much from the papers, but maybe he wants to rethink this...except she left about two hours ago, so she is prlly almost there. Too late.


  3. They aren't walking the dogs that early! They are joshing you! I saw them on the front porch drinking mimosas and eating biscuits! Dog biscuits at that! Do you believe me? I wouldn't if I were you! Beautiful country!

  4. omg its beautiful there! We are so glad things are well at home so you can enjoy your time over there! We got the collars today and they are GREAT! I have the You RUle one on right now! We will post about it after you are back. THANK YOU THANK YOU! The STillers ones are theee BEST, now I can't wait for football seasom!

  5. What a yummy lunch! Beautiful pictures! Swede William has a lovely home!

  6. So glad to hear you are having a great time. No surprise that the hounds at home are well and that Bill has everything under control!

    Have a blast! r

  7. It will be fun to see you evicting poor Fat Charlie from the bed when you get home! :)

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful time.

  8. What a beautiful place! Is the torte a human lunch or a doggie lunch? It looks good enough to share all the way around! What beautiful flowers. It's nice that you are enjoying your trip, even if you miss your hounds.

  9. What a beautiful place! More pictures please...when you get home and settled of course.

  10. Hope you're having a great time, Patience...and kudos to Bill for holding down the fort!

  11. I'm having a lovely time walking your dogs and having great conversation with Bill. You have a wonderful time and don't worry about a thing!


  12. Yes, yuuuummmm is the right word!
    Glad to hear that everything goes well at home and where you are!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Enjoy your trip. As you can tell Bill is doing fine. That lunch looked wonderful.

  14. That smorga..whatever looks yummy.
    So glad that you are able to post while on your adventures.

  15. Enkoping (pronounced eeyinshooping if you can believe it)

    Hmmm, I yin (goin'?) shopping. Have fun!


  16. Oh wow I never saw my daddy's homeland so these pictures mean a lot. My breeder came back a couple of days ago from Sweden and the World Dog Show in Stockholm and told us the sun didn't go down 'til around 11:00 at night. Geez how does anyone get any sleep? One of our breeder's Bedlies got his Swedish Championship there and a lady we know handled her dog to win Best in Show (a Sealyham). Cool!

    I just want to know how that woman's going to bring the CAR she won back home to the States...


  17. We just sniffed over here from Joe Stain's blog... what beautiful pupipes you have... and so many of them!! Our mom thought she was crazy when she got three!
    The Puppies

  18. Dear Auntie Patience,
    Oh no! You can't kick my Fat Charlie out of bed. In my house he could sleep anywhere he wants, I do. And I'd love to have some of that luscious looking lunch.

  19. Looks like you've had a GREAT trip, but i'm sure it's lovely to be home!

    Hugs, Ane

  20. That looks like a WONDERFUL time! Especially the torte.

    wally t.


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