Monday, July 14, 2008


I had the great good fortune of becoming friends with Swede William's breeder, Lisa, long before there was a Swede William. We became acquainted on Whippet World and became better friends as Lisa was a frequent DogWalkers customer. We would talk for hours on the phone.

I was in love with her whippet named Sotis. I would gasp a little every time Lisa posted a picture of her, experiencing a personal literalization of the saying, "take your breath away." And then I got to meet Lisa and Sotis in person, in 2005, when I got to go to Crufts in England.

Sotis and Lisa showing at Crufts

Sotis (photo by Lisa)

When I met Lisa in person I felt a comfortable camaraderie. And when I met her dog, I felt like I had known her before. I asked Lisa if someday, somehow, maybe some way, one of Sotis's puppies could spend their life with me.

Lisa said yes. Sotis had a litter later in 2005, but at that time, my oldest dog Caruso was not in good health, and would not have been fair to him to bring a puppy into our house. It broke my heart, but Lisa understood.

Funny how that silver lining thing works out. Not being able to get a puppy from that litter bumped me up to first pick from the next one. So, Swede William came to me in the fall of 2006, from Sotis's final litter.

And around that time, it was announced that the next International Whippet Congress, held every four years in a different part of the world, would be held in Sweden in conjunction with the World Dog Show in Stockholm in 2008. "You'll have to come, and stay with me," Lisa kindly offered! So plans were made for a visit.

Maybe even I would bring Swede William and Lindy Loo to show! It was all so distant and theoretical, exciting and unreal.

to be continued... [HERE]

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  1. Oh my... a to be continued. We won't be able to sleep tonight. But hey, we know Swede William stayed home, so maybe we can catch a few winks


  2. We enjoyed this post a lot! So that's how Swede William came into your home! It's meant to be.

  3. We will be waiting for next episode. Wonderful travels and wonderful pups.

  4. What a sweet picture of you and Swede William! We can't wait to hear the next chapter in this story!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Swede William looks so PERFECT in that photo! We can see why you are in love with your whippets.


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