Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Celebration Continues! New Freebie!

Our prize announcer Maria is way over excited, with all of today's news!

First, thanks to those of you who purchased collars and leads in the Reader Appreciation Sale! There are still a few available HERE.

Also, a lot of you commented that the sale items wouldn't fit, sooooo, I decided to have an unprecedented sale from now until my Blog-O-Versary on September 7th,


So, from today, til September 7th, you can go to

and place an order. If you use the Paypal shopping cart on the website, I will send you a Paypal refund of 15% !!!! Or, if you would rather not use Paypal, you can use the contact link on the top of the web page and email me your trim and nylon choices, and your dog's neck measurement, and I'll email you back with the 15% discounted total and an address to send a check.

Now, for some news. The next iPet of the week is up, HERE. You surely won't want to miss sweet Frodo the miracle Corgi, who threw away his wheel chair last May and hasn't looked back.

His story is amazing and heartwarming!

If you are a local Dear Reader, do NOT miss the DOG EVENT OF THE YEAR!!! The First Annual DOG DAY, celebrating Responsible Dog Ownership Month. You can find out all about it HERE. Personally, I cannot WAIT to see the duck herding demo! I will NOT be trying this ever with the whippets. (Feathers feathers everywhere! Duck Gumbo, anyone?)

There's a huge long list of all the fun stuff going on out at the Kennel Club on Saturday from 9 to 2. Come on out and celebrate your relationship with your dog.

And now what you've been waiting for. Today's free give-away prize:

Your dog's choice, either


The winner can choose the appropriate size, either the ginormous 14" or the petite 8" variety. To enter, simply click to comment, below. We'll do a random drawing.

Good luck!!! And thank you for your support!

hug your hounds


  1. Oh wow. It will be hard to decide which lovely chicken to choose!!!!
    Maria DOES appear to be QUITE excited. Lovely story about the corgi.

  2. hahahahaha I read about the activities. I too wish I could see the duck herding. bwaahahahaha
    Any one for a duck down pillow after the duck gumbo!

  3. OMG! How cute is Farting Earl!

    Houston wants one.


  4. oh boy ..... we NEED farting Earl
    Sybil and Raido
    (and Mom, Buffalo Gayle)

    p.s. Great story about Frodo - never underestimate the power of a dog's soul

  5. Henrietta Chicken Bunny is our very favorite toy here. So much so in fact the whippets have destuffed, debarked and declawed it!

  6. Francarrich from WWSeptember 3, 2008 at 1:15 PM

    Well, if he cannot have a fluffy squirrrrellllie of his own Banjo says he'll just have to go & catch a real one up the forest, however he would be happy to smack Henrietta around the house, especially when his servant is getting his lunch ready! Her ears look pretty chewable too.

    (He wanted to chase a stupid golf course squirrel this morning but as it was directly in front of the Club House I thought it best NOT to let him off his lead!!)

    Wags from Banjo & Aida

  7. You are quite busy with all these goings on. When you find time to make collars. Did you get Grammie's email?

  8. OMG!! those chickens are brilliant!! Soo funny! The Lurchers think Fartin' Earl would be appropriate for this house!!

  9. Hazel and Tacy would love Henrietta!!


  10. Oh,Maria will be SO EXHAUSTED by blog-o-versary! Phanny would love either toy,as would his mutt sister,Shania. Martha and P-doggy

  11. Would Fartin' Earl be an appropriate gift for a new baby?
    Big Dawg Merle, your neighbor

  12. Thank you for the link to Frodo's story!! I think that acupuncture can often do miracles when medicine cannot.

    Love the pictures of Maria, too!!


    Dog lover

  13. omdog those toys are so funny!! you sure are talented, cool collars, poop scooping, water container tossing AND writing!! ;)

  14. Interesting how Henrietta speaks from her mouth and Earl speaks from his... uh, er, well, it's an orifice.

  15. OMD!! Why do I never get toys like Henrietta, now she would be one to show off to the neighbourhood dogs with no shame BOL!

    Those are hilarious! Mum almost spat her Latte over the monitor, and she is not one to waste her Latte.. believe me!

    Those RDO events look awesome, Sadly Mum is refusing to buy me a plane ticket to attend any of them.. mean old witch!

    butt wiggles,

    Ben xxxx

  16. Quinn would like to know if I can enter twice or even three times. His Henny lost her feet to the puppy....

    HJ & The Whippet Gang +1/2

  17. My Ashlyn would go crazy over that Fartin' Earl! Gotta have it

    Dawn P

  18. OOhhh I have to take it all back, Mum isn't a mean old witch, she let me order one of those awesome dogwalker leads in tiger print!! I am gonna look so cool in it! I am so excited I can pee. Anyone who hasn't taken a look should GO NOW.. don't keep reading.. RUN... GO.. wow they are fantastic and so much design choice! Ok now i really need to pee! Way too much excitement for a pup!

    Ben xxxx

  19. HA! That Fartin' Earl is too funny!! Definitely would be a bit hit around here!

    Lisa, Syd, Mason, Atom, Ez and Harper

  20. Drover and Savvy say MMMM! Duck feathers! (And other bits.) Also -- if you ever get an order from a Papillon lady in Pennsylvania, that would be from me... someone at an agility trial was admiring Savvy's quick release.

  21. LOL those rubber chickens are too funny.. Too bad nobody around here enjoy playing with anything that's not soft and furry.. Sigh..


  22. LOVE that picture of Maria :-)
    Hmmm...wonder if my husband would notice new dog collars?

  23. Stanley and Stella gave me Henrietta for my birthday (I still have to blog about it- we're so far behind) Fartin' Earl is a riot!
    We love that picture of you, Maria! I put my paw over my ear too but I've never bit my foot at the same time - yet!

    Love ya lots,

  24. wow, how many wonderful events going on over there! happy celebration of responsible dog ownership (although I don't ever refer to myself as Xsara's "owner"), but still I think this is a very important subject!

  25. How can any dog live without farting Earl!!

  26. Phizz needs the babe in the pink swimsuit!!!!

  27. Ooooh I love those chickens..I had one once, but someone bwoke it(not me)
    Maria looks so happy to be doing the sale and the dwawing.
    I hope you have a gweat weekend and sell tons of stuff.
    smoochie kisses
    pee essMommi loves Delilah's picks

  28. We want that squaker in Memphis!!!

  29. OHMYDOG THAT'S a CORGI! Sweet! But I have to say your photos have been especially adorable lately. My ma ape says she appreciates the smiles at a time when she needs 'em most!

    wally t.


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