Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bloggus Interruptissimus

Dearest Readers,

We will be unable to blog

from now until

mid October.

Please hold the whippets

in your hearts

until we return.
(We are fine, don't worry!)
hug your hounds


  1. No! Say it isn't true!

    We hope all is well, we will truly truly miss you!
    We will certainly be holding those wonderful whippets in our hearts and you too dear Patience,

    stay safe, stay well and HURRY BACK!!

    Ben xxxx

  2. Is everything okay?? Now I am worried. We will miss you guys and will be praying that all is well!!!

    PS: Mom thought the same thing about the pet store BT as you. It's kindof sad knowing that she is probably a puppy mill puppy and could possibly have health problems because of it :(

  3. nononononono! Are you all right? Are the whippets OK? Bill? (note our priorities here please) We will certainly be waiting anxiously for your return.

    gussie n Teka and muzzer

  4. We'll miss you & look forward to your return to blogging!

    Carol, Banjo & Aida

  5. Noooo!! Whyy??? Where you going???
    Come back already!! I need my Waggle snuggles!

    Seriously, hope you're all OK and will keep you all in our thoughts.

  6. We will miss you and the whippets! Hurry back to blogland.

  7. w00f's Kids, me shure hope all iz well..mid oct iz a long time...we will miss u...

    b safe,

  8. Be back soon. I will be missing you.


  9. we will miss you all,dear P and waggle (and bill,too,of course!) Hope it is a technical issue-though i suspect you'd say all is fine,even if it isn't!! whippies kisses to last the month!

  10. You guys have a very safe trip and ENJOY the heck out of it! I will miss you guys.

  11. Whatever will I do with myself if I can't read your blog? I guess I will have to work instead. Hope you are doing something fun and I will try to wait patiently for the next waggle installment.


  12. I hope everything is ok!
    I will be thinking of you all!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. No, it can't be! Missing you already.... Guess we'll just click on your blog and stare wistfully at those precious faces.
    {{{Sigh}}} and muted whippet whine.

    Be safe and do what you need to do.

    We'll be waiting right here, looking at your home page, ears perked, holding whippets, you and Bill in our hearts until you return.

    Kathy and Star

  14. We'll miss you, but hope you'll have a good couple of weeks!

    Ane & co

  15. Hope you haven't seen a ghost and are leaving pronto!! Wouldn't blame you...........

  16. Perhaps you saw more than one mouse this time........

  17. Have a safe trip. We will think of you often.

  18. We miss you already!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  19. Gee, we've not been around for a while 'cause our Mom lost track of her priorities -- and now when we do come to visit, you're gone. We sincerely hope all is well with the whippets and their servants.

    We'll be waiting for a detailed update. In the meantime, yes, we will miss you!!!

    Wirey love from two hairy -- but non-slobbering dogs!

    Jake and Just Harry

  20. Edward and I will look forward to your return!! Best to you all!

  21. Gasp...... suffering Patience withdrawal... what to do????? Ahhh, there's an AKC local dog show in Tri-Cities. That's it! there should be at least 9 whippets there.

    Looking for little whippie faces,
    Kathy and Star

  22. Noooooo and we were just coming over to meet you all!!!!
    Ok please come by and meet us when you get back. We will read up on your adventures in the meantime. Be safe and take care.
    Willow and the Compound

  23. But I miss you guys already!

    wally t.

  24. Hmmmmmm. The weekend whippet fix at the AKC show has worn off already. What to do?

    I know! Star suggested we fixate, uh, focus, on a different member of the waggle each day and when we have gone through the whole group, Patience should be home!

    So, Happy Lindy Loo Day!

    Star the Creative Thinker


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