Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Grand Poopbah Prize Winner!

Maria sends hugs, and demonstrates on her great grandaughter Lindy Loo

We've had a very scientific method for drawing all the other winners for the blog-o-versary reader appreciation give aways. I had a bunch of little pieces of paper with numbers written on them and I put them n a bag ( a POOP bag, of course) and shook it up and picked a number. The writer of the corresponding comment (say, the 6th one down if I drew #6) won the prize. No corruption or graft.

Tonight it is late, and I needed to announce the prize, but I'm in bed with the laptop (and Very Old Dog and Bill) and the poop bag of numbers is in the sewing/computer room.

So I said, "Bill, are you asleep?"

And Bill said, "S.N.O.R.E."

And I said, "Bill, are you asleep?"

And Bill said, "Hnmunmpgh?"

And I said, "Hey, honey, are you awake?"

And he said, "Yes. I am now."

So I said, "Oh, good, I was afraid maybe you had fallen asleep already. Can you pick a number between one and thirty-five, please?"

And Bill squinted one eye barely open and looked at me like I had asked him to stand at the podium and recite 'Mary had a little lamb' at the next City Commissioners meeting, and said, "What?"

I said, sweetly, "Just pick a number between one and thirty-five. That's all."

And Bill said, "Seven."

So PeachMelba is the winner of the Grand Poopbah Prizes!!! Woo - HOOOOOO! Congrats to you!!!

Please email me your address and your dog's neck size for the collar.

Thanks to everyone for playing. Back to little dog stories. Oh, except, and please don't tell the Whippets, but this week's iPet of the week is a C.A.T. shhhhhhhhhhh!

Click HERE to read the story, if you promise not to tell my dogs.
hug your hounds


  1. Congratulations to Peach Melba!
    Scrawny is one special cat! Bless her for helping the alzheimer patients!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Congratulations Peach Melba!!
    My tile arrived yesterday! Mum took lots of photos of me wrestling into the package etc and will post them real soon, Thank you so much it is beautiful! Mum was in raptures!

    Thank you again, you rock!

    Ben xxxxxxxxxx
    PeeS.. promise not to tell the waggle.. but... oh i'm so tempted hehehe

  3. I promise not to tell the waggle. I can't even keep Teka from eating my foods, so keep an eye on Swede William, and watch the phone bill.


  4. Congrats to the winner. Seven is the same number I would have provided in my sleep is a lucky one for many!

  5. Hi Patience! What an adorable picture of Maria and Lindie Loo. Give 'em big kissies for me!

  6. Oh My Goodness! We can't believe we won! Thank You Patience! And Thank you everyone for the congrats. :)We are super excited over here. :)
    ~Anne and the Due West Whippets

  7. Congwatulations to PeachMelba fow winning the gwand poobah! Maria you did the most wondewful job wif all youw announcings!
    I won't bweathe a wowd about, you know, but I love the stowy
    smoochie kisses

  8. Congrats to the winner. Sympathy for Bill to have to wake up and pick a number.

  9. Congrats to Peach Melba! Thanks for sharing the lovely story. Won't breathe a word about it here.

  10. We just wanted to say thank you very much for the gift and our prize that arrived the other day! We gave the poop candle to PA and we're sure he'll sit in his apartment and read by poopcandle-light one stormy night! LOL..

    Hugs, Ane

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  12. Congrats to me Buster's sister Melba.

    No No Nearly

  13. The good thing about our Dad is he never would have even remembered being woken up! lol. Hey whippets, ummm haven't heard about you guys in a while, CAT got your Mom's tongue????



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