Friday, September 19, 2008

Fat Charlie, an award, gross commercialism

First of all, thank you for your kind thoughts and suggestions for Fat Charlie. I did the accupressure/energy medicine points to calm down the flight/fight meridian last night, (the ones my dear friend Jean taught me to help Giacomino with his thunder phobia) and he ate his breakfast this morning and stayed downstairs. He was happy on his walk, but did try to convince us to go anywhere but home when we were two blocks out. He's lying comfortably next to my chair now.

We got an award! From dear Ben the Rotti. Thank you so much, Ben!

We would like to pass this on to Jake and Just Harry, and to sweet, talented Xsara way far away in Slovenia, and Jenn in the City, who is such a good writer, and the 4 B's cause we love their blog.

I forgot to post a link to this week's iPet of the week on the fantabulous! Meet Benji, a stray, who not only found a wonderful family, he inspired them to start the Benji Fund, to help the local no-kill shelters with money for spaying and neutering their adoptees.

Oh and for our local dear readers, don't miss the Second Annual Critter K walk, out at Stuart Nelson Park tomorrow morning! It is going to be AWESOME! We will have photos here to share.

I got some new things in the store to share. I did not order one of these for me, but I can't STAND not having a shirt that says this, and I am going to take one. I have to have it.

And I LOVE these doormats:

And though I was chastised for putting a political post on my blog, I don't think these will offend anyone. The Lame Duck Squeak Toy! Two Squeaks!!!

If you are local, these are at the Market @ 315 on Broadway. If you are far away, just email me if you have to have any of these delights.
hug your hounds!


  1. Walks. With. Poop. Bwaahahahahaha! Love it.

    And thankee so much for passing along the award. I am humbled.

    Regarding my dear friend Fat Charlie, what kind of heat do you have in the house and has it started coming on yet?


  2. Thank you so much for passing to us this wonderful award - we love your blog and your wonderful stories as well :)

    These items are sooo fantastic, I particularly like the "Funny thing" doormat. Very funny!

  3. No heat needed in Western Kentucky yet. Probably not until November or December.


  4. Oh yeah. Love the t shirt. Maybe I can get one for muzzer for schmauss,


  5. BOL!!! So great! My Mommy wants all that stuff! Too bad she can't afford any of it!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  6. Congratulations on your Award!
    I love your blog too!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. You have some fine doormats there.

  8. that's a perfect t-shirt for mom to wear at the dog park! hee hee! and we lovelovelovelove those door mats - also the squeaker toy.

    thanks for the award! we're flattered.


  9. Mom wishes she had more doors so she could buy all those mats. One has a steelers mat and we certainly CANNOT replace that one! ;) She laughed real hard at the humping ones, I am not sure what is so funny.

  10. Those mats are hilarious!

    We like the explosive affection one!

  11. Gotta love those doormats.. just which one to choose!! Guess I better work on increasing the amount of doors we have!

    Ben xxxx

  12. Who had the nerve to chastise you - it's your blog and you have the right to say whatever you like! While none of my dogs are mean, one of them will snarl and snap during nail clips - I'd like to have him do so at whoever chastised you!
    Oh, yeah, I love the shirt!

  13. Those are GREAT! I have to run and get something, anything! Maybe on my lunch hour.


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