Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh what the heck.

And while I'm at it, I would like to say one thing publicly. My husband made a critical point, which I dearly wish someone would talk about.

This presidential election isn't about race.

It's about



  1. It's the elephant in the room...

    Linda Z

  2. Can we buy that button!

    We need at least half a dozen, maybe more.

    One for me, one for Teka, one for muzzer, one for dad, one for e.rabbit, one for e.beth, two or more to replace the ones muzzer gives away to someone else who likes it.

  3. Patience
    May I put that button on my Blog pleez?

    Can you pleez wite to Buster's Mom Elaine? you'we so much mowe eloquent than me..she's Dem, who might not vote..Sob!
    smoochie kisses

  4. Oh my, do they make that in a bumper sticker and a yard sign?!!

    Sharron in TN

  5. Love it, Love it, Love it!


  6. I was a community organizer for 2 years...and I can tell you...it is one of the hardest, lowest paying, longest hours job I ever had...but it was also very rewarding work. The revolutionary war was "organized" at the grass roots level as was the Civil Rights Movement, creation of unions...etc, etc, etc. So I agree with you. The people that put down community organizing are just making insinuations about the type(race, socioeconomic class) of people that benefit from community organizing and are being cynical and snide.
    So good for you Patience. I agree wholeheartedly!

  7. We're right there with you!!! Or is it left there with you? Or is it straight down the middle? Or is it gaily down the middle?

    We are so so so tired of every single word that anyone says being parsed into nonsensicality.

    We've been talking with Gussie about where they'll be the last two weeks in December. Dogdad looked at the map and decided -- if we get to come with them and drive to St. Loulis for Christmas -- the road to Memphis leads through Paducah.

    Two wires? Nine whippets? A brief nose to nose to nose to nose to nose to nose to nose to nose to nose to nose to nose -- or to butt?? Or do you go away?

    You have Mom's e-mail from your pawlitical e-mail chain.


    Jake and Just Harry

  8. AMEN. Also, John McCain invented the blackberry, which I personally do not like. jerk.

  9. Cheers to both residents in the house on the corner!

  10. Love it ... love it ... love it ... knew you were a kindred soul!

    Loved the NPR story too ... good luck!

    (who also wants to buy buttons, stickers, yard signs, banners, etc.!!)

  11. Patience, that sign/button is AWESOME! (And so are you.) Please, let us know - did you make it, and if so, how, or where did you get it, and how can we get it, 'cause we all seem to want/need it in various sizes/versions. The Obama campaign should start saying this - loudly - maybe you need to send it on to them, too!

  12. Are you hooked up with MoveOn.org? Good stuff. Gives me a chance to DO something about this mess.

    And hugs to poor old Charlie. I'm thinking change of light and shadows. Just today, my best friend went back-up-crazy for no reason I could see.


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