Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Proclamation: September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month!

Our most wonderful Mayor in the World read a PROCLAMATION in tonight's City Commissioners Meeting for all to hear.

How exciting is this?

The Mayor of Paducah, Mayor Bill Paxton, is in the center, with (L to R) Commissioner Gerald Watkins (whom I inadvertantly cut in half, sorry), Commissioner Buzz Smith, City Manager Jim Zumwalt, the Mayor, the City Clerk, Commissioner Gayle Kaler, and Commissioner Robert Coleman.

Our awesome Mayor reading


WHEREAS, due to the increasingly important role dogs play in the lives of citizens of Paducah; and

WHEREAS, practicing responsible dog ownership is more vital than ever; and

WHEREAS, the very best way to accomplish this is through public awareness and education; and,

WHEREAS, in September, dog owners and dog lovers of Paducah and the surrounding area will join hundreds of American Kennel Club-affiliated dog clubs across the country; and

WHEREAS, in celebration of the sixth Annual AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days, the Paducah Kennel Club will sponsor one of the more than 500 events that will be held by local organizations across the country with the goal of educating and entertaining all current and future dog owners.

NOW THEREFORE, I, William F. Paxton, Mayor of the City of Paducah, Kentucky, do hereby proclaim this September 2008 to be


in the City of Paducah and call upon all responsible dog owners and lovers to participate in the events that the Paducah Kennel Club will be hosting on September 6.

Mayor Paxton gave the Proclamation to our Paducah Kennel Club President, Lee King.

Members of the Kennel Club came out for support.

It was all so exciting that I had to share! We've worked really hard to get our Dog Day Fair going, and this will really help. More on that will come, so stay tuned.

How many mayors do you know who would "call upon all responsible dog owners and lovers to participate" in anything? Go Mayor Paxton! You rock!

hug your hounds (responsibly)


  1. Thank you PKC and Mayor Paxton for Responsible Pet Owner Month!!!


  2. oohooh, we want a picture of Mayor Paxton and his doggie! Signed please, we will put it on the wall with our Harry Mitchell photo. Real political heroes.

    Teka n gussie

    ps...don't tell us he doesn't have a doggie, we won't believe you.

  3. What a pawesome mayor, all towns should do this!!


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