Friday, August 29, 2008

New Prize and the Tile Winner

The Winner of the Remember To Have Fun Tile is

Ben the Rotti!!! Ben's blog, From Rescue To Love, is one to visit, for sure! Ben, have your Mum email me your address and we'll get the tile on its way.

We have to admit to a second drawing today... the first one went to the spammer comment, so we redrew. I'll go erase the spam comment after I post this.

Now, we are WAY excited to post today's prize.
Maria is a'shoutin and a'roachin in excitement!
You all know how the whippets feel about Stupid City Squirrellies, right? Here are THREE LITTLE STORIES from the first month of the blog, a year ago, if you missed them.

To celebrate how the whippets feel about Stupid City Squirrellies, today's prize is

A Dr. Noys Squirrellie!!! He has a squeaker in a pocket and a bushy evil tail and no stuffing, and he comes with an extra squeaker. SOOOO you can kill the squeaker and you pop an extra one in! And you can take out the squeaker and toss the thing in the washer and dryer so you can kill him over and over and over!!!!

All you have to do to enter the drawing is to leave a comment on the bottom of this post.

Good luck!

Hug your squirrel tormenting hounds


  1. any whippet (or dog for that matter) owner would be lucky to have a squirrel the pups can actually catch and destuff without causing a scene!

  2. We hates Sqrrrrllls....

    teka n gussie

  3. now that is a perfect toy for Benson. the first thing he does when he gets a new toy is to kill the squeaker. silly boy.


  4. A stuffie with out stuffing??? Wow! Honeypuppy would love that! Me too, we're still picking up stuffing from the two lovely beds she recently unstuffed.

  5. That's one cool stuffie.. but not as cute as the picture of Maria! <3


  6. Oooooh...Snoopy would love that! Not as much icky fun as "de-stuffing" a real squirrel, but still fun :)

    Big hugs to you and all your furry friends down in Kentucky-

    Shanna and Snoopy

  7. Hooohooohooo...Houston HATES squirrels!! What a joy it would be to have a fuzz-free livingroom!!


  8. Gracie would just love an evil squirrely to kill!

    Sue, Gracie, and HotRod

  9. Hazel is on constant squirrel patrol around here. She would love nothing more than to have her very own squirrel to kill.


  10. Poor babies born here in Illinois don't know what squirrels are! Not in the tree-less agricultural nirvana we have all around us!! But their aunties and uncles would LOVE to teach them all about those dirty, rotten, nasty squirrels!

    Linda Z

  11. Oh gosh.. thats ME!! Woohoo!! I would do a happy dance but Mum has hot coffee on the desk!
    Thank you so much, that is one neat prize!
    Mum always leashes me when thee are squirrels around.. what is that all about? I only want to play with them... honestly (bwahahaha)

    I sent you a little e-mail.

    love, licks and extremely happy tailwags,

    Ben xxxx

  12. Francarrich from WWAugust 29, 2008 at 6:09 PM

    Banjo knows just what to do with squirrrelllssss...... real or stuffed. The ones out in the forest didn't want to play any more after he'd caught them (nor did the bunnies on the golf course!). So that he doesn't cause me any more embarrassment I think a squeaky squirrel at home might be a good idea.

    We hope Maria is enjoying all this shouting & singing.
    Carol, Banjo & Aida

    PS. We didn't post for the candle or the tile 'cos we thought they might get broken on their way across the Atlantic but we still read the blog to see Maria & the rest of the Waggle.

  13. My whippies would *love* to kill the squirrel! (They'd prefer a real one, of course, but.....) Please put us in the drawing!

    Judy Walton

  14. w00f's can me chase dat squeerl???

    b safe,

  15. We love squirrels. And Maria!

    --Erin, Rose, and Scarlett

  16. I need a of those nasty creatures has built a nest in the tree in the dog yard. She/He throws things at my dogs and chirps at them.....the whippets have worn a round path around the tree barking at the squirrel. Revenge to gut the squirrel


  17. Annie the aussie would love to win a squirrel, though her papillon brother, Maverick would probably steal it!

  18. Cheyenne and Pepper would love the squirrel! Put us in the drawing please.

  19. Lucy and Lizzy would love to have a squirrely.




  21. Phantom would LOVE a real squirrel-now that I disposed of the groundhog silly (and unlucky)enough to venture into the backyard! (well,he can THINK it's real,can't he?) In any case,we are loving the Maria photos. She is certainly having fun with this giveway! Martha and P-Doggy

  22. Mason + squeaky squirrel toy = super duper happy dog

    Nose dabs,

    Syd, Atom, Harper & Ezrin send ahhhhh rooooooo's to the Waggle!

  23. Dante would love a chance to de-squeak the squeaker! He prefers his squirrels to be silent. Lisa Wiggs

  24. My girlie Becca would love that squirrel - and maybe it would keep her from being on constant furry animal alert! (Am thinking about replacing the back fence with a 6 foot!) Tazio enjoys the fact she sounds the alert!

    Janet, Tazio and Becca

  25. Had to take a minute and glad I did-OOOHHH Everydoggy wants that squirell!! Us Too!!!!!

    The real ones are taunting us....

    Sunny & Scooter (who really,REALLY want Mr Squirell!!!!!!) We'll give you a Milkbone and evrything!

  26. That looks like it needs a good terrier shake.

  27. I think if I had a chance I would hate squiwwels too, but I nevew see any whewe I live..That pictoowe of mawia is sooo cool

    and youw collaws awe faboolous..we can't buy anything till Mommi sells a painting, cause she says we have to pay stoopid is that
    smoochie kisses

  28. THat is a truly roach-worthy award! And many congratulations to Ben who totes deserved it.

    wally t.


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