Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The iPet of the Week!

Oh, dear readers, this is a big day in these parts.

First we have a Proclamation, and now we get to announce

You've heard me talk about the bar none BEST online Community Calendar ever,

iList Paducah and the Marvelous Mary Thorsby and Nifty Nikki May who dreamed it up and produce it. (They let me do the story on why giving puppies for Christmas is a bad idea, and you dear readers supplied great photos of mass destruction for it.)

Well, we just launched a weekly feature called the iPet of the Week, which will feature one of our area's unsung and unhuman heroes! Every week!

This week features Heather, a 13 year old Scottie, who's been visiting patients at Lourdes Hospital for TEN YEARS!!!! TEN YEARS!!!

We'll feature pets like Heather, and sometimes we'll feature a very special pet from a shelter who needs to find the right home, and oh the possibilities are endless!
I just think that when folks know how many wonderful unhuman heroes are right in our area, it will be a good thing. And I'm so grateful to the sponsors and to Mary and Nikki for letting me do it!
hug your heroes


  1. Oh, how wonderful!! The proclamation is very cool (love the document) and now this, as you said!!
    and I know Heather, but I didn't know she did all that visiting! That is just awesome and so dedicated for all these years. She looks wonderful and so sweet!

  2. Thanks Patience... we love your writing and are so glad to now have you as a regular contributor! Welcome aboard!

  3. Great new feature! Love this.

    You should do "pets behind the people" or something, too. Like local notable people w/their pets.

    Or in your case notable pets w/their people....maybe i should have e-mailed this....

    ANYWAY, great job!


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