Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hot Hot Hot News!

Holy Cow how cool is this! We are extraordinarily fortunate in our little city to have an amazing Internet Calendar of Events, the brainchild of clever, clever, clever Mary Thorsby with the magic of web designer fantissimo, Nikki May. It's called iList Paducah and it comes out weekly and it's just awesome. (They are the ones who let me do the article about giving puppies for Christmas being a Bad Idea.)

Well, it just got more awesome. They do regular features, like iDine, (hey, Tanner and Joe Stains, it's about wine tasting this week), iLove it, and (drum roll) the iDate of the week. Every week they interview a local single person, from twenty-somethings to eighty-somethings. So why am happily, totally, thoroughly married I so excited about this week's iDate of the week?

BECAUSE THIS WEEK'S iLIST PADUCAH'S iDATE OF THE WEEK IS... (another drum roll, I love drum rolls)...

(with her angels Deb and Merle)

The wonderful Nikki and Mary featured Shelby to help to find her perfect forever home. You can read the interview HERE. And if you all could take just a moment to leave them a comment how great they are for doing this for Shelby on Mary's blog just on any entry, it would mean a lot. (Mary has on occasion admitted to comment envy. We all know how that is. How wonderful if she heard kudos from folks all over for doing this cool thing for Shelby?)

If you haven't read about Shelby (who used to be Elsa) the starving dog found in our neighborhood, you can click HERE.

And thank you dear readers for all your prayers and good wishes.

Hug your hounds.

ADDENDUM: Kudos and thank you to Snoutbeagle, and Cara from Canada, and Dis for leaving a comment on the iList blog! When folks see how many people care about Shelby, that has to be a good thing! I never thought I'd say it, but don't leave a comment here. Please take just a moment to thank Mary and Nikki for helping Shelby HERE.
Thank you thank you thank you!


  1. You whippets wish you could burp a C-A-T fuzz but we are smarter and faster than you! Especially when you are on a leash and I can see your servant trying to hang on to you as you crazily try to catch me. You know how funny that looks? And date a dog?!? Please! Not in the last of my nine lives!


  2. Hi Patience,
    I can leave a comment here because I already left a comment on Mary's blog! ;)

    It was my pleasure to do that. Shelby's story and you kind people really touched my heart ... I wished there was something I could do. And this morning there was, hooray!

    I commented on one of your earlier posts once before but I just have to tell you again ... you and your blog and stories have become a highlight of my mornings. I can't wait to read your book, I just need to place the order (what's taking me so long?!). I love my beagles and I absolutely love finding authors whose hearts and heads are in the same place as mine. Discovering your talent has been like finding a treasure, I can relate to so much of what you write. And you have such a lovely way with words!

    I hope my compliments haven't been too over-the-top (is that possible?)! Just wanted to let you know I appreciate you.

    Take care,

  3. deaw Patience
    Mommi and I went to mawia and left a message..this is wondewful, I hope someone gives shelby a fuwwevew home
    Maria, MamaPajama,Delia and LindyLoo..I wish you wewe hewe with us on ouw giwls' night..I hope you come next time..we'd love to have you along
    smoochie kisses

  4. Nice interview. Dog Expert, huh? Wanna get to know a Jack Russell? After all, she looks a lot like a small whippet?


  5. Wonderful news, but then you always seem to be in the midst of wonder.

    Hop over to Trails End. There is something there for you.

  6. Hi Patience...I'm going to leave a comment both places! Because I stole the keyboard from mom and want to type type type!!

    And yes I'm surrounded by cats everyday!!!


  7. Patience,
    I love all that you and your friends are doing for Shelby, and I hope that the perfect home shows up very soon.

    Yes, I am doing the blogging thing -- I guess. I don't know if I have much to say or show, but so far, it has been fun.

  8. Hi Patience,

    After 2nd look at Shelby's picture taken when she was first found,she looks like Genie(the mongrel with ticks fever and severe heartworm disease, that was rescued by a stray feeder and fostered by us some time back)but we can still see some muscles on her front legs and for Genie, she dun even have the strength to stand. We were hoping for Miracle and that is why jie jie named her Genie so that she has the magical power to hang on and recover and she did!!!

    Shelby sure is a miracle dog too.



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