Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally Photos!!!

The photos I ordered from Sam I Am's first ever agility trial, way back in October finally came in today's mail. Shall I put may very favorite photo first, or last? Hmmmmm. Best for last I say!

BIG jump!

Looking for what's next

His first ever tire

I love this photo. He hadn't qualified in this clas, but I was SO proud of him! And I love that those are my fellow Paducah Kennel Club members smiling in the background.

And this is the best, which I saved for last. This is why he didn't qualify in this class. He was supposed to lie down on this table, but he had never practiced a down on the pause table. (I mentioned we were totally not ready for this trial.) So I'm telling him "DOWN!" and he's telling me, "YES, I CAN do that same thing with MY paw, see?" Look at that sweet expression!
I love it!
I'm hugging my hounds.


  1. I simply love your blog. I have 2 boxers, both females, and just love them to death. I live south of Melber and work in Paducah. I gave your link to my brother who is an artist living in Houston. He recently had his first gallery opening and he had a great turnout.

    Lisa Williamson

  2. Oh the PHOTOS!! I do believe they were worth the long wait, Patience! Aren't they wonderful? Sammy looks so great and I love the ones of you two together.... I was worried because the last photo wouldn't come up at first; it finally did and I have to agree, it's just priceless!
    Rivet sends hugs to brother Sam and everyone, and so do I!

  3. Actually....I think he knows he did an excellent job and wants you to give him five in congratulations. I do that for muzzer when she gives a specially good walkie. Sometimes I pat her face. She gets all teary eyed. Don't unnerstan that woman. But ya gotta love a muzzer.

    kisses to you and the waggle

    Oh and to Mr. Bill too.

  4. Haha, it looks like he is saying, "No, YOU go down!"

  5. Haha, it looks like he is saying, "No, YOU go down!"

  6. well, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, or something like that :) Great photos and you sure are brave to wear light colored pants around so many doggies!!!

  7. Oh SamI Am..sighhhh,Pant., awe magnificent!!!!and chawming and I would have given you all the medals and who cawes anyway.. you wewe the BEST!!!!

    btw..Hamlet is not my boyfwiend..just a nice kid I met on the stweet and will pwobably nevew see again ,cause he's moving to a diffewent I aweady have boyfwiends..YOU KNOw!
    smoochie kisses

  8. Oh would you look at him!! What a star he is....I love that last photo too. So "whippet"!!

  9. Those are great pictures. We love the last one also.

  10. Dear Sammie,

    You da dog...Great job.

    Paws up!!

    Skeezix, Buster and Nearly

  11. Those are GREAT pictures! And you made my ma ape fall out of her chair laughing with that last picture.


  12. Oh wow!! Those are really amazing photos, and that last one definitely needs framing. It's just too priceless!

  13. Those are great photos - every single one of them! Such beautiful dogs!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. What wonderful pictures and words. I've not been keeping up lately so it was quite a feast for me to read several of your posts in a row. And just let me give you a big AMEN! Your doggies sure are lucky to have landed in your house.

  15. OH! all those pics are so precious! you are the beaming proud mama in that one pic!

    Love & Licks,

  16. I love the agility pics! You ARE entering Louisville in March, aren't you???? I'll be there, I'm entered, I'd LOVE to meet you in person! There will be a bunch of us Bedlingtons there, the dog show is going on at the same time. We'll have a lot of fun.
    Hope to see you there!


  17. Oh, Sam! I,too, am so proud. Would love to do agility,but my hips wouldn't take it-plus,my sense of direction is a bit whack!!-Martha and P-Doggy

  18. Those pictures are soooo worth the wait Patience! Well done Sam I Am!

    Sue, Gracie, and Taz

  19. Oh my gosh, those are great photos! I love the photos of the two of you. I never seem to be that close to my Mum doing agility. Cherished pics forever!

    Woofs, Johann


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