Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Very Different War

While the whippets are at war with a certain kitty, I'm going to post something very personal.

At dinner parties, at the coffee house, and amongst friends I have long been wondering how our current President and Vice President have been operating above the law. Or way below it, depending on one's perspective. I believe that the lingering and deserved embarrassment over the impeachment proceedings against Clinton for having an extra marital affair has prevented this impotent Congress from taking the action that is clearly indicated. This administration has repeatedly broken the law, getting away with torture, murder, and crimes against American citizens. And benefiting financially. Big time.

Please read Senator McGovern's Washington Post editorial. Even if you are the staunchest Republican. Senator McGovern takes the Democrats to task as well, citing "a lack of courage and statesmanship on the part of too many Democratic politicians." I wish we could bring about the end of the two party system, because apathetic Americans, needing no excuse not to pay attention, simply support our "team" giving no thought whatsoever as to what our "team" is doing.

In these days of email, it wouldn't even cost us a stamp or an envelope to contact our Senator to let them know how we feel. And while we're at it we can send a copy to our Representative. Because supposedly they are making the big bucks in Washington to represent us. Not corporations or lobbies or special interests. Us. Ha. We are much more interested in American Idol and football and playing with our dogs because our lives are good and we are comfortable.

Things got a little personal this week. My husband lost a friend in Iraq. He wrote about it on his blog. Bill is a wise and generous man. He was deeply hurt by this loss, and his reaction was anger that the burden of this war is only being felt by the military and their families. Those of us who are supporting this war simply by being citizens of this country are not being asked to sacrifice a thing. We bitch when gas goes over $3.00 and we buy $2.00 magnets that say "support the troops." And stand idly by while Halliburton makes record profits. And more profits. And more profits. And we, ordinary Americans who have no involvement in the military, we sacrifice nothing. This is what made my good husband angry.

But, watching my good husband crying over his loss, I got mad. I got mad at the lies. I got mad at the profiteering at the cost of 4000 American lives, and somewhere between 151,000 and 600,000 Iraqi men, women, and children. Men, women, and children who never attacked our country. Who had nothing to do with our World Trade Center. Whose country was not hiding weapons of mass destruction. These were only fabrications which our leadership used, and we know this, and we let them continue, knowing that they lied. Because we're lazy and complacent and because there is no ethical leadership in Washington. And that's fine with us.

Some of us trust this President because he says he's a Christian. A Christian who loved the fun of alcohol and cocaine. Oh that was before he was saved, OK. So after he was saved, he was the Governor who was intimately linked to and benefited hugely from his relationship with Enron. And after he was saved, he personally approved the killing of 152 sinners. Statistics show that 7% of prisoners on death row are there wrongfully. But this saved Christian signed off on the killing of 152 people. Some of them who themselves claimed to have been saved. Some of whom were retarded. I've studied the words of Jesus Christ and nowhere, nowhere can I find where He says to kill the worst sinners among us. Can't find it. And then there are all those innocent civilians in Iraq. Yah. He's a Christian.

So I'm mad that our military, our soldiers who are willing to risk and give their lives to protect this country, who do what they are told, have been used by this evil administration. And I'm mad that our legislators in Washington are such political whores incapable of ethical leadership. I'm mad that we sit and watch our TV's and don't care. And I'm mad at myself for being guiltiest of all.

Today I'm going to write my elected officials. Bill's friend David is still dead. David's father is still without his son, of whom he was so justifiably proud. David's wife is still a widow. David's friend Richard is still in harm's way, mourning the loss of his friend. But today, by God, I am going to write my elected officials.


  1. Bravo! I've already written to mine...maybe it's time to write again.

  2. Thank you for standing up and speaking your mind. So many people seem to think that it's okay to have this go on, "because we're safer for it." I don't feel safer - I would never travel overseas now, I can never experience the rest of the world because, thanks to George and Co. I could be hated and hurt. (Yes, I realize that could have happened before they got into the White House, but not so much as now.) I have enjoyed your posts of poignant words, your posts of funny words, and I truly appreciate your posts of truthful words. I'm paraphrasing a bit, but "Stand and speak, even if your voice quavers" - it's the right thing to do.

  3. Yahoo! We know that not everyone will agree, but it is important that your voice be heard. We are now on a first name basis with our Representative, who seems to read his mail and even returns phone calls. This due to the fact that we've been very active in telling him our thoughts since he was elected, and we have convinced him that he will be earning our support every two years.

    So don't despair, some of them DO listen.

    Gussie's Muzzer

  4. Now you're talking our humans' language!!! We agree with everything you said, and evem with things you didn't say.

    Floriduh is in this weird situation of being "punished" by the Democratic National Committee for moving its primary up to January 29. In such perilous times, how can one begin to condone such a trivial spat?

    We share our thoughts with our elected officials -- but then they wimp out on us. There's a lot of hypocrisy out there.

    We're sorry about Bill's friend. It makes the whole tragedy of incompetency and lies very personal, doesn't it?

    Dogs would do a lot better.

    Jake and Just Harry

  5. Here here here.We are on a first name basis with many of the politicians. PL1+2 write to the President everyday by email it seems.And they ALWAYS are writing someone somewhere. They are very poitically active. WE feel the pain of the loss of your husbands friend. We can only hope and pray that this will soon end. A+A+PL2

  6. Patience, I agree with EVERYTHING you said. I have written to all of our elected officials time and time again. And I will keep doing it again and again...!

  7. As a member of the sixties generation (I was in college from '66 to '70), I have wondered when an anti-war movement was going to get started. Over 70% of the public disagrees with the current administration's Iraq "policy". However, few want to look unpatriotic after what was done to us on 9/11/01, so we acquiesce. Good people do not want to oppose a war being fought to combat "terrorism", for that would imply that they support the terrorists, and who wants to do that? Thus, millions of citizens are afraid to speak out, thereby allowing themselves to be manipulated by the few who stand to benefit from this, or any, war. The masses have always been used in this manner. Hopefully, in the privacy of the voting booth, Americans will finally be able to vent their frustrations.

    My deepest sympathy to your husband and his friend's family for their tremendous loss. We know how they feel. It happened to us years ago.

    Kisses from Koobie,
    Koobuss' Mom

  8. I have often wondered on your opinion of George Bush and now I know I am delighted you feel the same as I. I have reached the point when I have to turn the sound down when Bush appears on TV! Like Kate I would love to travel but the threat of terrorism frightens me. Bush has caused more fear and terror in the world than any other man. The weapons of mass destruction were a disgusting excuse to cause "Hell on Earth" in someone elses country. I haven't yet heard an American praise him and so who on earth voted for this mad man? I am going to have to sit down and meditate just to recover from the very image of him in my mind.........!! Thank you sooooo much for speaking out - it was wonderful to read. EVERY word was true.

  9. Doh! The Post article was by McGovern, not McCarthy. I'm going to choose to think you were thinking of Gene rather than Joseph.

  10. It is very courageous of you to speak out knowing that some of your readers may not appreciate your sentiments. I want to applaud you for your courage and for your opinions; as I agree with them 100% and have since before this fiasco was ever started. It is so important for those who have a public voice to speak up. Thanks so much.

  11. David's death is being investigated as a possible friendly fire incident. It was on the news tonight here in Nashville.

  12. P.

    This Canadian is very proud of you. That might not mean much to some but your words mean a hell of alot to me.

    Damn lady you are good...

    HJ & The Whippet Gang

  13. Amen Patience, and much sympathy for the needless and senseless loss of another American life, and the crushing sadness experienced by another family and friends.

    For me I think my complete disillusionment came upon the heels of the efforts to impeach President Clinton, while so much relevant business went untouched. More recently, "our party's" complete "lack of courage" in the face of Bush's nominees to the Supreme Court has left the most bitter taste, one that will stay with us long after Bush's second term comes to it's end. I wrote to "our party's" leaders then, imploring them to take a stand on these vital nominations. Nominations that will change the lives of many younger generations to come. Feigned resistance was all they demonstrated. I've been left thinking over and over, do they truly believe in anything beyond the expediency of their next re-election. When will they step up for what matters?


  14. Hi Patience,
    As a Canadian I try to stay out of political comments. However, I do follow the website and I think that they are very much of the same thoughts as you. I just hope that the natural commonsense of Americans will eventually prevail.
    Heather Dansereau


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