Saturday, January 19, 2008


I got a comment on this post which made me happy. (All of your comments make me happy.) Here it is:

  • May I say too that as Star's birthday gift to me, I received your terrific book.... I ordered it through Barnes and Noble so they know people are interested in it.
    I was worried that you are giving away too much on your entries. Not true! I am delighted to find the book is packed full of much more than can be imagined. I'm looking forward to hours of chuckles and tears. Thank you for tempting me into its purchase.
    Hugging my hound,Kathy (and Star the Wonder Dog)

Thank you for your kind words, Kathy! You made my day.

It is cold, for Western Kentucky. Too cold for walks on cement. So I loaded up Fat Charlie, Luciano, Delia, Sam I Am, Swede William, and Lindy Loo and we drove out to the Kennel Club property. I didn't take Very Old Dog, or Maria whose thirteenth birthday is in a few short weeks, or Mama Pajama; it was just too cold. We met our friend Heather (Baby Ben too, but he was sacked out in his toasty car seat with the engine running) and Lindy Loo's brother Emmett and his big adoptive brother, Edgar.

It is strange. The sun is southern strength in Western Kentucky, but the wind comes from Canada. Straight on down that wind blows. Quite frankly, we wish the Canadians would be a little less generous this time of year. We wish they would keep their stinkin' cold old wind. Heather and Edgar and Emmett were all ready out in the fenced area when we arrived, and Heather said, "Oh, P-p-p-patience, it's c-c-cold out here." Only it came out as, "Euh, P-p-p-puhshunse, uht's c-c-c-uhld ewt heeew" because her lips were sort of frozen in place and weren't all that functional. The dogs were running zoomies and hardly even noticed.

I mixed and matched combinations of dogs, so that no one would get their shorts in an uproar and a grand time was had. I had to take off Swede William's and Lindy Loo's coats; they were zipping around so fast, that soon their tongues were hanging out, even without their coats. Fat Charlie chased Sam I Am, who grabbed the squeak toy and played the part of the "bunny". Around and around in dizzying huge circles the two flew. Fat Charlie grinned in disbelief. Used to be the time when no way could Sammy run faster than Fat Charlie. But he did today.

The timing was perfect; as Luciano and Delia were winding down, another club member arrived to use the fenced area. I said, "Hi! My guys are just finishing their run. Your guys will love it!" Only by then, my lips had frozen, so it came out, "Heuy! Meuy geuys ur juhst funshung thuhr run. Yuhr geuys wul luhve ut!"

I moved the van to a spot where the wind was blocked by the Kennel Club building, but it was still smack in the sun. Everyone had gotten their coats back on before getting in. I took Sammy into the building for a little practice in agility. Woo hoo, he was stupendous! For the first time ever, he did the weave poles without looking at me for direction. He put his head down and weaved on his own. This might not sound earth-shattering, but boy oh is it for me! I emptied my pockets of every delectable and proffered them up to him. I took out my squeaky frog and tossed it for him to grab mid air and squeak and zoom. I fell on my knees and thanked All that is Good. I let Sammy zoom through some tunnels and jumps because they are his favorites, and then we went home.

It was while I was picking up the yard at home that I realized how fortunate we are here. OK, there are a bazillion reasons, like Heather, and the Kennel Club, and Betsy who donated the fencing and Dee and her nephew who put it up, and my husband who is the best person in the world. But when I was picking up poop, I noticed that the ground in my yard was frozen like a rock. The very front, where the sun shines all day was soft, but the rest of the yard was like concrete. That's when it dawned on me; the ground wasn't even frozen out at the club. If the ground had been frozen, the dogs could not have run without hurting themselves.

And tonight my Minnesota friend, Laurie, mentioned that it -6 there, going down to -15. Not wind chill, which will be -35, but actual temperature. Yikes. I bet their ground is frozen everywhere. I bet I better stop whining. I am so grateful that we could go and run.

The dogs slept all evening. They all had expansive dreams of running, which proved contagious to the three who stayed home. They knew perfectly well where the others had been, having thoroughly sniffed each returning runner. Maybe the smell of the field would spark their memories. I hoped they were getting tons of running in their dreaming brains. I hoped they were running through warm fields of sunshine.

hug your hounds


  1. Love the blog. I am with Greyhound Pets America here in Nashville and we had our first Paducah meet and greet yesterday at the Tractor Supply. It was a great success for a first try. I have told my greyhound friends about the blog.

  2. Hi Patience,

    It's me & the Mommy finally back after so long away with a buggie filled computer that had to be fixed by the Geek Squad--I HATE computer buggies cause i missed reading everybodies blogs. For the last 2 weeks we have been reading blog to catchup and just got to the "P"' many blogs & so little time the Mommy says.

    The Mommy has really missed reading your blog cause you and her have so much in common (rescue, love of horses and not so fond of Xmas). We are so happy your son was able to be home -- that had to have made Xmas special for you -- and that Shelby looks so good now. The Mommy loves your style of writing.

    Gotta go cause we still got lots of catching up to do.

    Give all your doggies kisses & huggies from us & tell bill we can tell he's a saint but so are you.
    Your house is just full of angels too.

    Love you lots...Mona & the Mommy too!!

  3. Love that post! That sounds really cold!

  4. nothing better than a dream of running through warm fields of sunshine, be it hooooman or dog dream.

    "Fields of Gold"

    Lovely post, sorry we are late commenting - life in general made us post late.

    love and light Jeannie and Marvin xxxxx

  5. Its freezing in GA right now !!

  6. I'm jealous!!! It was a balmy 17 at the "warmest" today. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be single digits. I don't want to know the wind chill whatsoever. Especially since it's been extremely windy the last few days.

    The dogs are even less thrilled. Due to all the cold weather since a thaw a week or so ago, the snow has a nice thick layer of ice on top. The dogs don't even break through it when walking on it. The old crone with the bad back is even less than thrilled. At least Fling does her business very quickly when she's out! Of course that's also meant very little exercise since the beginning of November with only a few breaks.

    They are very hopeful that everything goes well in the move to NC. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smooth now that I've finally found a house to move into. They're ecstatic about moving someplace with 2" of annual snow fall and the same amount of rain as up here.

  7. Sounds like you had a great day with the doggies, P! :D Mine had a rather boring day because I've been working.. Have Tuesday off and can hardly wait! I'll be lending my boyfriend my excellent study buddies before HIS exam so we'll all spend the day on the couch. I'm pretty sure that will be appreciated too!

    Hugs, Ane

  8. Oh - HUGS HUGS HUGS Patience. You are sweet. Yes - It was SO cold. Today was even worse than Saturday. Ben didn't go out today either. I hope tomorrow reaches the 30s so I can get back to my normal self.

    Even the poo was frozen to the ground. I had to chisel it up to baggie it. Of all the days I decide to pick up the yard. Hmmm.


  9. Patience
    I'm so glad that most of the waggle got a chance wun theiw bootiful heawts out..I only got showt walkies cause of the cold, and it doesn't look like that will change fow a while..I get sad so I can just imagine what a gweat athlete (like my Sam) must feel if he can't wun..I'm gwateful you live whewe you live xept I can't come visit.
    I hope hope hope that youw sweet man will be well tomowwow ow vewy soon!!!!!I'm cwossing my paws!
    Mommi finished youw book and loooved it!
    Thank you fow giving hew so much pleasuwe.
    smoochie kisses

  10. Oh dog, we hear there are leaking eyes around here and we do NOT like that. We sure hope things turn out ok for the servants! We are sending pawsitive vibes and lots of hugs.

  11. Glad you did not freeze while on your adventure. They are quite a busy group. I would have to have many naps after being with that group.

  12. I'm glad your gang got to play outside, I can't wait to be back in Kentucky the weather is too cold up in Minnesota right now and it's hurting my pads.


  13. Hi Patience! Just got to your blog from a Fum Monday post and was happy to find a neighbor. I'm in Louisville. I'm coming back to you an read past posts after Fun Monday dies down. Nine dogs? Lucky you! I mean that--never too many.


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