Friday, January 4, 2008


What can I say when they just don't get it?
When I'm in front of a room full of people who have never loved a dog, or worse, have a dog tied to a tree out back and think he has a great life?
They look at me like I'm Martian, at best, or silly:
Loving a dog isn't important when people are dying in wars and famine and military coups.
Worrying about whether an old dog's pain is controlled is cliche'.
It's just so beneath them, being important and all.
What can I say?

I say that I see in that old dog's heart the answer to wars and famine and military coups.
I say that if we could learn a simple lesson of forgiveness from that dog tied to their tree, hell, Israel and Palestine would be a piece of cake.
I say that we've got no better example of unconditional love and trusting the untrustworthy, but what do I know?
I know that when people I respect behave badly, when they push and bully,
That I can go watch my dogs run for the sheer joy of it and I couldn't care less.

What do I know.


  1. Oh Patience
    Those awe such twue wowds..that's what Mommi says and feels too, and sometimes she's with peeples who just look at hew like she's cwazy,and say, but dogs don't invent things and they'we not wowth anything like peeple..she oosually has to leave the woom and nevew see those peeple again, cause they just don't undewstand the simple twuf..thank dog many hoomans do..I wish thewe wewe mowe and like you saidlot of the pwoblems would go away

    just sneep well and have sweet dweams and give soft tendew kisses to all, especially the weally old dog
    smoochie kisses

  2. Just need to let you how I look forward to finding the update note for this blog in my inbox.
    We all know those whose spirits have been rescued from mean existence by a trusting dog. With my whippet curled against my knees under the covers, I sleep knowing that everything will be all right. If that makes me clueless, I'd say to cynics don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
    The very least we can do in return is care tenderly for them when they are old and frail.

  3. I totally agree with you. Some people just dun take dogs as part of their family. Having a dog is not just providing it with a roof above it's head and give him food and water. They need more than that.
    I know of a dog who is kept in the playpen with only a bowl of water, all day long. There is no toys that she could play with but she is brought for walk twice a day to relief herself and she is not allowed to socialise with other dogs during the walks. The owner still think that the dog has to be grateful that they have given her good food and taken good care her. I am at a lost of words with such people.

  4. What do you know? Only the truth, my friend.

  5. What can you even say to such people? To not know the love of a dog is to be missing something.

  6. People that cannot understand the joy of having a dog, or any animal, in their life, don't understand what their missing and don't really have a place in my life either.

    I have a t-shirt which sums it up. It says.."If my lurcher doesn't like you, I probably won't either"

  7. Life without dogs is a life hardly lived. But for those who have never experienced the joy, they don't realize what they are missing out on, and can't comprehend of anything better.

  8. I despair of some humans. I am grateful for the lovely life I have, but wish all animals could say the same.

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  9. Yep! Mom often tries to share the dog message with people who just don't get it. And when they don't get that, she unhappily concludes that perhaps there are a lot of other important things they don't get.

    Your poem hits home!!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  10. Some people just don't understand. I tend to avoid those people....

  11. We don't understand some people that is for sure!

  12. Great blog about dogs. I cherish my old dog. He is about 14 and just precious. A miniature Schnauzer. We rescued him about 10 years ago.

    Linda Blondheim


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