Saturday, January 12, 2008

Corruption at the Highest Level and Not Playing Fair

Very Old Dog: I don't believe it. There is some kind of mistake!

Lady Maria: There simply has to be an explanation.

Luciano: It's the end of the world! I SAW it with my OWN eyes! DoG have mercy on us all ... what will become of us. Are we homeless? We're homeless aren't we. I KNEW one day we'd be HOMELESS. OOH WAIL...!!!!

Fat Charlie: Any food on the counter?

Mama Pajama: Luciano, stop wailing. If she brings one home, we shall chase it and eat it, that's all.

Delia: Whatever. I'm hanging with my manservant, so what. ever.

Sam I Am: Maybe she needs more hugs. Do you think I didn't give her enough hugs and she went crackers? Humans need so many hugs. She's been looking unbalanced lately. I should have given her more hugs. Oh dear, what to do?

Lindy Loo and Swede William: Not it! Not it! Tag you're it! I got the toy, you can't catch me! I'm going to get you!!! ZZZZOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!

Very Old Dog: Here's the story. The Servant got a blog award. She passed it on, and I guess she had some kind of FIT or SEIZURE and gave it to a C-A-T.

Luciano: Arrrrrrgggghhhh! Say it ain't so, Old Dog, say it ain't so.

Mama Pajama: Loochie, dear, get a grip. [Aside to her brother Fat Charlie: I swear, Looch's Kong is totally unstuffed, if you know what I mean.]

Fat Charlie: Yeah, um, do you smell butter? I think I smell butter.

Lady Maria: That fetid feline said some horrible things. Our Servant will ALWAYS be the crazy dog lady, NEVER the crazy C-A-T lady, but... It is the photograph, I just can't get over the photograph. The one on the C-A-T's blog oh I just can't bear it.

Lindy Loo zooming by: Hey LOOK! That's the picture of the Servant and me when I was a teeny pup!

Swede William screeching to a halt: That's not you, Lindy! That's a CAT!!! Woof CAT ALARM!!


Very Old Dog: Ah. I knew there was an explanation. Look closely, my dears. The C-A-T has used black magic and foolery and photoshop on us. It magicked itself into Little Lindy Loo's photo. Pretty clever the way it even got the human's big pointy chin just right. Our Servant may be foolish and a do-gooder and a goody two shoes and several biscuits short of a full box, if you know what I mean, but she would never leave us for a C-A-T!!!

Lady Maria: Ah! Very Old Dog you are right as always! GRRRRRR... I see some kitty stew in our future.

Mama Pajama, eyes on fire: Evil Kitty dares to mess with the Whippets?

Luciano, fanning himself: I think I'm going to faint. This was just too much for me.

Delia: What. EVER.

Fat Charlie, licking his lips: Dang, that was a good stick of butter! Our Servant is so kind to leave things on the counter for me. [His eyes light up.] Kitty STEW??? Counter me in!!!

Lindy Loo zooming by from the other direction: There I am! Wasn't I adorable!!!

Swede William, in hot pursuit: Oh Lindy you are getting more adorable by the minute! Ouch! What did you bite me for? Geez, one butt sniff and blammo! HA! I got the stuffie! Neener neener can't catch me now!

Sam I Am, leaning his head into his human's chest: I never doubted you. Not for a minute.

All: C-A-T we're giving you fair warning.





We got another award from Marvin in Scotland and from Asta, in New York City, though after that last post they may take it back! (But thank you both for being so kind and generous!)

Here are the rules attached to this award:
1. You must write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think. (No fish or bird blogs, they'll just make you hungry)
2. Acknowledge this post.
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.
4. Go tell your humans to fork over the treats!
We would like to pass it on to Peanut and Flash whom we think of every day while their dad is in Iraq, Lesley Rigby Tillie's gran who doesn't even have a blog, but leaves nice comments and we can never thank her so we just did, Jake and Just Harry for their masterpiece of an Edgar Allan Paw poem, and Xsara all the way in Slovenia who prove that a beagle can ROCK in agility, and THAT STINKIN C-A-T because he's going to have to think REAL hard about how he's not going to end up as our kitty stew dinner.
hug your hounds


  1. Oh, my D-o-g!!! Those kitties are so danged crafty. Just send out the word. We will come help! Ohhhhh....just wretchedness that you are going through! The mental torture! We are with you ALL!

    Darby, Charlie, Reilly, Gabi, Hudi and Mati

    (BTW, our servant used to have one of those STEEKIN' cats. We got rid of her! (The cat, not the servant). OK....maybe she died of old age or something like that, but you don't see no other steekin' cats around here, do you?)

  2. Love the way you captureed each dog's "special" personality....Luciano know what I mean?

    Hugs from your canine friends in PA! r

  3. Cats are evil. We know we have to live with one and mom won't let us eat him. :( We hope that one makes a nice snack for you.
    Thank you for the award.

  4. Oh dear whippet servant, we love the way you captured the personality of each of your nine whippet masters. Mom says that's one of the joys of having two dogs -- discovering and portraying their distinct personalities -- but having a conversation with nine? Extraordinary.

    We loved it, and laughed, and now have to think about this thinking blogger award. Thank you, we think, thank you!!

    Happy Sunday woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  5. cats are so sneaky ...that was a terrible thing to do to you all. What a scare.

    gus n Teka

  6. so glad you liked my award!

    I don't mind you passed it on to a cat, or a C.A.T........

    just taking deep darn breaths after reading your post, trying not to freak out.

    (!) Love and laughing licks, your friend in Scotland, Marvin xxxxxx

  7. Holy COW what has gone on over there?! When is the stew being made? I can steal lots of Mom's fancy cooking spices for it if you need some help! STUPID CATS!

  8. Boy, you really had me going there. I am so relieved that wasn't a real cat. Whew!!!

    Congratulations on the award! You sure make me think.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  9. Oh My....what a sneaky crafty thing to do...CAT just crept in on little fog feet and bambozzled you...or are we mixing our poems??? Sorry we have been SO SLOW visiting blogland recently...with the arrival of Christmas and Babystan, our house has been more than its usual craziness. Mumsie doesn't know how you wipe 36 paws off when it's muddy outside. Or how you manage to figure out who needs to pee/poop...does the servant keep a spread sheet of the doings?

    Scruffy is off the to vets...he convinced Babystan to countersurf a gentle leader collar...ate the buckle off of it and it may be S T U C K somewhere in his internal plumbing section. Hmmm....glad I'm a sensible Lakie...


  10. Thank you so much for the award, Patience! You are the best ;)

  11. Hi Sweet Whippets
    I'm sowwy i haven't witten fow a while..thank you fow the laugh..and did you heaw how sweet my SamI Am was thwoughout????I just knew it!!!
    Youw sewvant would nevew go fow a c a t when she has you
    smoochie kisses


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