Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gross Commercialism or How About A Collar?

I FINALLY got some collars made an up on eBay. For years I had a custom collar business, but it got so busy, and I'm trying to get this novel written, so I retired from that. My plan was to put collars on eBay at my convenience, thus earning my keep. But I continued to spent time writing instead of sewing, and there you go.

Now my sweet Bedside Table Occupant (see below if this makes no sense to you) needs to have a lump surgically removed from his gum on Friday (please God let it be a benign thingy) and I got a sudden jolt of I need to pay-the-bill-itis, so woo-hoo it's collars for you!

Here are some samples:

There are a lot more. You can just go to my eBay Store to see them all. If you want something in a larger size, just email me. OK, sorry for the commercial break and thanks for looking.
I still have to post about Sam I Am's fantastic Agility weekend and my Bertha Big Butt Moment, but we have B & B guests arriving this afternoon and don't even try to imagine what the house looks like. YIKES!
hug your hounds
(and come wash my floors??? well, it was a nice idea!)


  1. OK, we're headin to E-bay and keeping good thoughts for the mouth thingy, but muzzer doesn't do doors. If all else fails, we will send my Nonni on Thrusday, OK?


  2. Those collaws awe gowgeous..if Daddi evew gets paid, I'm heading ovew to Ebay!!!
    sowwy I haven't witten fow a while,Mommi is twying to paint, and take cawe of sick fwiends and wuns out of time, but you'we in my thoughts aways! I bet Sam I Am was supewb! (ouw house is a disastew!
    smoochie kisses,Asta

  3. Love your celtic knots -- we need matching harnesses, though, because Mom never taught us to heel and we, ahem, like to pull!!!

    Jake and Just Harry (Bad Mom!!)

  4. Beautiful collars. I knew that you couldn't give it up. Maybe I should get one for my dog/nephew. Well, my brother's dog. But I don't think that Ripley would like pink. Where's that pork chop recipe?

  5. Mom says you need to make boy collars. She has the hardest time finding cool collars for boys.

  6. Paws crossed for a benign lump!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Gosh, beautiful collars. |We're off to have a look a the Ebay store.

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  8. oh those collars are so pretty, we will check out your Ebay thingy now.

    Good and healing wishes for the gum lump removal, keep us posted!

    love and healing licks, Marvin xxxxx

  9. I got your book I got your book I got your book! It arrived from amazon on Monday and I can't wait until the weekend to dive in! It's thicker than I expected and soooooo many stories ... wheee!

    I saw yesterday you have signed ones at your eBay store now. Oh well, I couldn't wait any longer to order a copy so unsigned will have to do. :)

    Lovely collars too!


  10. Lovely girlie collars. I am heading over to eBay now to have a look. I have to trick Grammie into letting go of that paypal password. Good vibes being sent for the surgery. I could send Grammie to help clean, that is her thing.

  11. YOU are a woman of many talents! Those are GREAT...so colorful and happy.:)

  12. we are sending good lumpy vibes and the collars are SO cute. Tanner really likes them, but he is sort of girly.

  13. Dear Auntie Patience,
    Mom read me your message about Charlie's lump thingy. We will be thinking benign lumpy thoughts tomorrow. Mom said to please give Fat Charlie hugs from her amd me.
    I love you, Fat Charlie!


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