Friday, October 26, 2007

Nervous Nellie

Tomorrow is Sam I Am's first agility trial.

I saw my first agility trial in 1990 at a horse trial. I thought it was the World's Coolest Sport. I had taught my childhood dog, Rex, to jump over broomsticks perched between the couch and coffee table, and had taught every dog I owned since to be little horses. And here it was in real life. I was reaching an age where the notion of simply falling down instead of falling off was appealing.

I got my first Whippet in 1992 so that we could do agility. (Always had shelter rescues prior to that.)

Laurie Erickson photo - HRH Queen Gracious

HRH Queen Gracious had other ideas. She enjoyed showing off her loveliness in the conformation ring (think of the movie Best In Show) and if I told her to jump something that she didn't feel like jumping, she would say "No thank you, but if you feel it needs to be jumped, you go right ahead. I'll watch." Well, you couldn't argue with that, now could you? So we went to shows, and she adored lure coursing, and that's what we did.

And here it is fifteen and a half years later, and Sam I Am and I are going in our first Agility Trial tomorrow. We're not really ready. Honest. He sort of gets the weaves, but he thinks if we're in a hurry, we shouldn't bother. He loves to jump. He scares me sometimes on the teeter by going too fast. And I'm scared to death of heights, so I always close my eyes when he does the A frame. We love the tunnels, both of us. Zoom he goes!

Tim Caro photo - Sam I Am loves tunnels

And last weekend in New Jersey, he pulled a muscle in his back. I thought we wouldn't be able to go this weekend, and didn't practice at all this week. But he's jumping on the bed and skipping the four stairs up to the porch and having big zoomies in the yard, so we'll give it a try. If he indicates even a little twinge tomorrow, we'll excuse ourselves. But if he feels fine and is having fun, we'll give it a try.

No expectations of even qualifying. Just a fun practice.

We're going to an Agility Trial! Fifteen years late, but we're going. I am so excited!



  1. Good for you Sam for training your human so well.

    Have fun Pee! I'm sure you will. :)

  2. Hey there, I hope Sam is feeling fine. I suspect he's as excited as you are. Whippets are so cool!


  3. I'm sure you and Sammy will have a great day!

    Hugs, Ane

  4. I love agility too, and always watch it when it's on tv (I bet it 100% better in person). The special courses they have for some of the terriers are pretty cool too, where they have to dig and stuff like that.

    Good luck and I hope you guys have a TON of fun!

  5. I hope it goes well. I'm planning on taking Tilly to agility classes soon - well, when I find one!

  6. Oh boy! Have fun - you are an inspiration to me, also a teacher of any dog I happened to have at the time to jump sticks and such. I plan to try, and I am older dirt than you are. I hope Wonder will try to learn, as Roxie only does the parts she likes, leaving out the weave poles and sneering at the broad jump. She does the course, and then goes to the gate to get in the car while all the other folks laugh, as they have grown used to her antics.... she also does the dog walk at least 4 times at a dead run, her fave!! Off for AZ tomorrow, I'll be checking for your news. Susan, Roxie the Red, and Wonder-ful.

  7. hope both of u will have a successful trial...


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