Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday in New Jersey

Not much better than a long day with dear friends, with dogs doing the thing they love absolutely best, in perfect weather.

Linda has been my friend for thirty-two years. I know that, because she was the first person I told that I was pregnant, and Jake will be thirty-one next month. (How did that happen?) My dogs adore Linda. She is the person in the story "Mama Pajama Tells a Story" that Mama Pajama told the story to! (That is a train wreck of a sentence, but it's 6:21 in the morning, I've had exactly three sips of coffee, and I need to get to the field.) Sam I Am was born at Linda's house.

When we arrived at the field yesterday, I got Sam out to see his Nana Linda. She had placed a bag of blankets out to save us a parking place. Sammy dove his nose into that bunch of blankets and wagged and danced and grinned and wagged his entire body in pure doggy ecstasy. I didn't need to translate; the language of his joy was universal. His Nana Linda was there.

And when he saw her in the flesh, he turned inside out. I know just how he felt! There is something that creates a deep, satisfied soul-sigh when you get to hug a friend. And when you get to hug four soul-sigh friends all in one day, that's a good day. It might make your eyes a little leaky, but it's a good day.

I'll get my hugs in today, too. Rhonda, Carolyn, Mary, and Linda will be well hugged. So will their dogs. And then, after the dogs have run and run and run I will give some last hugs and I will load up my waggle and we will head home. Mama Pajama will lecture me (through her translator Linda) about how bad it is to lose your pack. She will remember how full her life was when she saw her Sisters, Cousins and Friends, and their Servants Linda and Rhonda at adventures every single weekend. And how nobody had to be left home. And how the extended Pack was always one.

But as we drive back over the mountains, I will be wishing I could fly home to my Bill. And to my Very Old Dog, and silly old Maria, and Fat Charlie, Luciano and Delia.

It seems, no matter where I am, I'm always missing someone. I guess that is a by product of being entirely too fortunate.



  1. Patience, you made my eyes leak, too. I'm so glad that you finally decided to make that trip and see your friends and Mama P's.
    Have fun today and have a safe trip home.
    Sheila & Lady

  2. Glad the trip was fun! One day I want to find myself with friendship like that, an entire life's length. I haven't found it yet (other than my husband!!), but I know I will some day.

    There's also no place like home. No where in the world. And home is always where your pack is.

  3. Wow...Everybody says the Mommy, Sarah, has too many doggies...wonder what the'd say about your pack. Let us interduce ourselves. We are Mona, Jacks, Toby and for right now our little foster brother Evander. We all are adopted dachshunds from Dachshund Rescue of Houston. When the sister, Samantha, we never got to know died the Mommy was very sad and loney (she is old as dirt too)and Dr Ainzworth, our vet, told the Mommy about DROH, so Mommy adopted Mona (the only girl in our pack), then Jacks, then Siskle, then ME, Toby (I am a foster failure) and finally Peanut. So there were 5 of us but the Mommy got hooked by DROH right after she adopted Mona & started fostering, transporting, etc. Had she not been fostering I wouldn't be's a looong story but you can read all about us on our blog.

    Mommy had to give up Siskle & Peanut but they are still in our hearts and sometimes the Mommy even gets to visit them...they have both been readopted.

    We thing you guys look like us kinda but lots taller..heheheh...could we be friends?

    BTW...Mommy loves to read about dogs so she said she will look into your Mommy's book.

    Nice meeting you.....Toby, the leader of JUST US DACHSIES and the rest of the gang.

  4. There's just nothing better than friends.. 2legged or 4legged...



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