Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Terrible Scare

I spelled gate wrong... but it's a long way from the bedroom down the hall, down the stairs, back under the bedroom out the kitchen door onto the breezeway in this old rambling house.

Thank God for our weird morning routine. (Here it is in my Alone With the Dogs entry.) This morning I came down to the kitchen with the first group, including Very Old Dog, Maria, Fat Charlie and Mama Pajama. They're combined ages equal forty-five years. I opened the door to let them out and instead of heading left to the potty area, they headed right to the yard. It was 6:23, and I am anything but a morning person, but I can tell the difference between right and left, even before coffee. I had baby-gated the breezeway entrance to the yard before bed, so I waited for them to do an about turn and go left. Only they didn't.

Huh, I thought.


So I stepped out on the breezeway and looked to the right. This is what I saw:

My very worst fear.

Someone had opened our gate during the night. I don't know when I realized that my bicycle had been stolen off the breezeway, but Maria and Mama Pajama were on the grass outside of the fence. Peeing. (Thank God also for old bladders.) Mama Pajama was scanning for all she was worth for Stupid City Squirrels in the oak tree across the street. Very Old Dog only made it just to the grass on the left, and Fat Charlie, bless him, either didn't notice that the gate was actually open, or the dear sweet good soul just knew he was not supposed to go out that gate without his lead on.

I ran out (in my tee shirt and undies, I might add) and called the girls. They were still peeing; Mama Pajama was still scanning. As I reached the sidewalk outside of the fence, oh relief thy name is good dogs, they came to me. I swear I could feel the panic drip off me like ice cream from a two-year-old's cone in August when there's not a napkin in sight.

Safely back inside the yard, I thanked my four sterling seniors for all I was worth. I sat on the ground and I blessed them. You are the best dogs in the world. Then one car that drove by honked, and I instinctually waved and in the process I remembered about being in my undies.

What oh what if I let all nine of them out at once? The thought of the consequences literally sickens me. They would have zoomed out that gate one following the next, the young 'uns rendered totally unmindful of any potty needs, would have scattered like turkeys at Thanksgiving, looking for squirrels and the evil kitties that tease them constantly, just outside their fence. They are reliable, if a person is going through their gate and they do not have their leads on, they will not go through. But a wide open gate in predawn haze with squirrel-o-rama going on? Oh my soul I just hate to think.

I will miss my bike, but I've always been terrified that someone would open our gate. And it happened. I went to the hardware store this morning to find some sort of locking system. I'm not ever going to see that nightmare again. And don't think for a moment I don't realize how lucky I am.

Good, good, good girls!


And for all the lovely comments left on The Smile Maker:

Hug your hounds!


  1. What a terrifying experience! I'm so relieved that this story has a happy ending! Thank doG!

    Love ya lots,

  2. Wow, I cant imagine what young sighthounds could do in just a few minutes out from the yard. I know the feeling of complete panic , when Molly gets out of sight, panic kicks in in a hurry!

  3. Older than dirt? We just read ur profile and Mumsie (who is just a tad younger than you) is rolling on the floor. She said to tell u when our big bruvver was a toddler...she went into a dressing room...was in her unmentionables, when he crawed under the door and took off into the store. Two men were outside the dressing room painting...they go quite a view. Big Bruvver's 21 now...she's still mad at him!
    9 have to settle down at the puter here and check out ur blog more thoroughly...we're gonna add u guys to our pack list....
    Lacie had more Panera chicken noodle soup this am...I had dry tastless dog food. GRRRRRRR!
    So so glad u got ur gang back in safely. Just from reading one post, Mumsie already said u should write a book...

    Wiry love,
    Weakened lakie licks,
    and PACU hugs!!!!!

    Scruffy, Lacie and Mumsie

  4. So glad the hounds are ok and that you only managed to lose your bike. What a fright! Good dogs! What good dogs! Hugs from PA.

  5. Thanks so much! Actually the Servant has written a book full of all of our stories. The first edition is all gone, but she came out with a second edition with even more stories. I gave her the inspiration and the book is named for her favorite story all about me:
    Mama Pajama Tells A Story. It's on Amazon and eBay and on her website

    Sorry if this is a blog faux pas!

    Mama Pajama and the whippet waggle

  6. Oh I'm so glad the good, good doggies came rigth back to their Servant! Made me nervous just reading about it!

    Hugs, Ane

  7. We've had that scare ourselves and it is just an awful feeling. And such a wonderful one when your good-as-gold dogs come when they are called, just when you need them to the most! I am glad this ended so well!

    --Erin and the girls

  8. Hello all: Thanks for visiting my blog and for the stories on yours. I enjoyed getting to know all of you!

    pee Ess,,muzzer says if you are older than dirt, she will eat a handful! (she's Waaaay older than you!)

    kissies to all

  9. Hi,
    Sure it had to be a very scary episode! Glad everyone is ok and safe!
    Have a good night

  10. Hi I came by to vist,cause I'm a fwiend of Lacie's and I saw you thewe..My Mommi Loves whippets!!!she took cawe of one when she was young(BTW,I bet she's oldew than you,hehehe)
    I loved weading youw blog and seeing youw gowgeous bwood.
    Thank dogness they all came in safely..sowwy about youw bike,but that's weplacable..doggies awen't wight??
    smoochie kisses

  11. Hi there! Thank you for visiting my Blog! That was a scary story indeed about the gate being left open.

    I am so glad all your dogs are okay!

    love and licks, Marvin in Scotland xxxxxxx

  12. What a scare!
    I had a frighening day when I realized that the gate was opened & Penny had been outside for 10 minutes by herself. I found her on the front porch watching the neighborhood. I think I kissed her about a million times before giving her as many cookies as she could eat.

    I'm so glad everyone is OK. But sorry about your bike :o(.


  13. SO glad your story had a happy ending. I know that feeling... the thief/trespassing scum owes you about a year of your life, eh? I have a 6-ft chain link fence with combination padlocks (and a dog door). And yet still my stupid but well-meaning neighbor decided to CLIMB my fence with a ladder and weed-whack my long grass for me, out of the goodness of his heart. He lives to tell the tale, but only just.
    Extra hugs to your good good dogs (i love that Fat Charlie didn't even go).

  14. Thank you for stopping by and BARKING .It's always nice to meet new paw-pals,We are glad that all turned out okey ,Ltt's of treats for you ,sniff-sniff

    Lot's of Lick's

  15. WHEW! What a terrifying feeling. My greyhound goes out on one of those zipline type thingies, and there's been a couple of times where he's slipped out of my fingers before being hooked. Scares me every time.

    Love the blog, by the way. I'm on the hunt for a whippet of my own, so far having a heck of a time, but reading this is helping pass the time. I'm so going to have to go buy your book!

  16. Aha ha ha!!! I did that to my girl once - but she was only wearing a tank top and a thong, and our "very cute" neighbor boy was outside and to this day she still won't look at him. HAAA!!!


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