Thursday, October 25, 2007

Troubling [a break from my stories]

Here's your chance to leave a comment if you never have before. I would like your opinion.

I was going from blog to blog from the comments pages and I found a nice blog. On his sidebar though was an "award" - a clickable button - from a website which is a puppy mill outlet. Ick.

(I don't give the web address here, because the last thing I want to do is to drive traffic to the puppy mill outlet.)

So do I forget about it? Do I post a comment on his blog saying "nice blog but did you know that award button leads people to puppy mill puppies and supports the puppy millers and sentences the 'breeding stock' to more years of misery?" I don't see a option to email the blogger.

OK, I already have decided I won't forget about it. Can I complain to google?

Probably not.



  1. Please, please don't forget about this and do what you can to stop the puppy millers.

    With heartfelt thanks for all you can do.

    A now happy and comfortable former puppy mill bitch.

  2. My heart dropped when I read about this. Please do what you can and feel free to use any part of Pepper's story. If you need more of her story than I previously sent, let me know.

    Thanks for trying to help stop the puppy millers.

  3. Send it, and if it is my blog, feel free to ream my muzzer out for inattention to details. And if you want someone else to "mention" it, email us the website and muzzer will ream THEM. Or maybe I will write a song about it

    ps. We could use the rain. How much would you charge to drive to Azrizona?

  4. Well i've left a comment before, but here's another. I don't see anything wrong with posting a comment to his blog. Either say it very nicely with your eloquent words, assuming he really doesn't realize what that button is about, or leave him some contact info (like your website?) and ask him to email you privately. Some good might come of it, and probably not too much bad. Let us know if we can help.

  5. Patience,

    The Mommy isn't feeling very well & she somehow typed her comment to Butchy & Snikers blog. Since Mommy doesn't feel well could go you to their blog to read what the Mommy said....(our printer isn't working either....they won't mind. They are really good friends & you might like to read their adventours.

    Their blog address is BUTCHYAND SNICKERS.BLOGSPOT.COM.


  6. We wouldn't forget about it either. That is terrible. Maybe you can at least complain to google. It might help. Can you leave a comment on their blog? If so, leave one. If they choose not to display it, that's their choice. Maybe they are the innocent party & don't even realize the award leads there or aren't aware what puppy mills are. Good luck.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  7. We sure HATE puppy mills, we can send them a box of our poop if you want?

    To get to the party go see our friend, Ruby,

    She has her own airplane and can fly you to the party but you have to make a reservation soon!

  8. I would at least leave a comment mentioning it. The person might not have realized what the situation is or his readers may not have realized.

  9. Hi Whippet Friends,

    Firstly re this post - definitely let the person with the award on their blog know that it's from puppy mill they may not know.

    Secondly - it's really kewl to meet a fellow whippeteer !!! I look forward reading more about the tales of all your lovely whippets. If you haven't already seen it you might like to visit as there are a few other folks too with whippets in multi-dog households.
    Kuki & Honey (the whippets using Bellas blog id)

  10. I would definitely let the blogger know. If they care, they'll remove it. If they don't care, you've had your say and you can never visit them again.

    A minor thing but voting with your feet (or fingers in this case I suppose) is a good thing.

  11. This is what I wrote:

    I'm sure that you don't know this, but the button you have for a "cool website award" is a link to one of the biggest Internet outlet for puppy mills. We got the public educated about not buying from pet stores, but unfortunately sites like [xxxxxx].com have taken over as a place for puppy millers to thrive.
    I thought you would like to know this, as I'm sure you do not want to support the horror of puppy mills in any way.
    all the best-
    Patience Renzulli
    I sure hope he takes the button off. It makes me kind of sick. Thanks for all of your advice...

  12. Glad you left a comment, hopefully he'll take the award down. Now the question becomes, did the mill site send out that award or was it from someone else?

    I hate being in situations where I have to be 'the bad guy' regarding dog situations, but whatever you can do to make even one dog have a better life or help one person learn the horrors of supporting the mills, the better.

  13. Whoa...seems like I got in here at the end. It's awful...I'm so glad you wrote the above. Puppy mills are horrible and the more I hear of them, the worse I feel....

    Miss Patience...
    Feel like writing a limerick welcoming Stanley's little sissy to his house??? See our blog for details...

    Scruffy and Lacie

  14. I understand your concern but unfortunately I'm not sure what your options are. I think AOJ & The Lurchers comment makes sense!

    Thanks for visiting Mooky's Hood!

  15. Good job, Patience...that was perfect what you wrote. Puppy Mills need to be wiped out of our existence.

    By the way...that last photo of Mama Pajama with her little muff is the best!!

  16. Hi,
    Ask them for their email i.d and email them.Most times people dont realise stuff and if it was/is us we would like to know.
    Its also a good feeling to know that you care

  17. Hi,

    Puppy mills are awful places. I think you are right to let the blog owner know about the dubious "award." Maybe they don't know. Maybe they do and it wouldn't help to remind them what awful places those mills are.


  18. Well, he published my comment, but the button is still on there. Hmmmm. Wierd.
    Thanks for all the support. This really freaked me out. I guess I've been staying in the DWB blogs and haven't encountered anything but good. (I did send a request to become a member, but I haven't heard back. It was a couple of weeks ago.)
    Bella - I'm working on a story about ANOTHER Bella that was rescued in my neighborhood. I think you'll like it. It's sad at first, but it has a HAPPY HAPPY ending.
    Thanks again! You guys ROCK.


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