Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain

We need it desperately, we truly do.

I'm trying to be grateful.

I have nine dogs, bred for speed, who know I can turn lights on and off. Who are purely cognizant of the fact that I can make it warmer or cooler in the house. Nine dogs who expect more from me. Who sail down the stairs to go out first thing this morning, thinking nothing but lovely thoughts about me their Humble Servant, only to reach the edge of the breezeway and slam on their disappointed, highly disgusted brakes.

Tails helicopter to hasten the braking process. Imagine the sound of squealing tires. Toenails on concrete.

And then the heads turn my way.

"It is still raining."
"It is colder and wetter than ever."
"We are extremely disappointed in you."
"You want me to take my naked little self out into the cold wet stuff and poop? Are you daft?"
"I could melt! It's happened before, I've heard all about it."

Shake shiver droop slink. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

"Is it too much for a little whippet to ask for a little dryness and warmth in the morning? We notice that your potty area is plenty warm, and if you wouldn't go into the rain closet and make it rain on you on purpose it would be dry, as well. If you want to stand in a rain closet, good for you. We prefer our mornings dry, Stupid Human."
"Well, I am not going out there. Not not not. Oooph, well you don't have to push. Humans are so rude."

Of course all is immediately forgiven the instant the breakfast bowls are served. But now comes the walkies, and though each will wear a snugly waterproof coat, I will still have to endure their distaste.

I'm sorry dogs. Someday the sun will shine again. I promise.



  1. Hey kiddos, it's raining raining raining raining where we live too. Sometimes it will rain until the 4th of July. We furry poodles don't mind it much, but our human mom gets sick of the mud.

    Nine of you, huh? That's pretty good. There are only four of us and mom says she's maxed out.

  2. The scarf is very sophisticated, I think. Lovely. I am the same way with baths. Rain doesn't bother me but hosing me down? Yuck.


  3. We hate the rain too! It's so depressing when we don't get our walkie! We live for our walkies!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Patience, making your whippies go out 'in the rain' clearly breaches your contract and is in violation of the Whippet Geneva Convention.
    Basher's Dad

  5. yea, well at least you don't have chickens. we have to come down there and see you soon.


  6. Well, 4xBs, I think three standard Poodles and a growing Schnoodle equals nine whippets just about! We have some standard Poodle friends Tessa and Sailor from agility. Tessa's photos are in one of our September posts, ("Too Old" on Sept 16), but I don't know how to link it here.
    Finny! The Waggle envies your coat this time of year. The scarf was from an unmet friend in Great Britain, who had read about Mama Pajama and was so kind and sent her the scarf.
    Maggie and Mitch- Our walk today actually wasn't so bad. The rain slowed way down and our raincoats prevented meltage. We live for our walkies too! Nice that you understand.
    Basher's Dad- SSSSSSHHHH! They forgot about the contract! SSSHHH!
    DAVE!!!! The whippets would be more than happy to render you chickenless! Come on down and bring the chickens and will have fricasee!

  7. Hi, friends.
    Rain means no walkies for me. I love rain but my mom doesn't!
    Sure I hope the rain goes away soon there where you live!
    Have a good night

  8. You know, my guardian can't fix the weather either. It must be something in the human condition. You'd think they would have evolved beyond that...



  9. I understand, guys! I hate the rain, too and will sit at the bottom of the stairs and look mournfully up at the leaking sky. It's cold and then you're damp all day! No way!



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