Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I love my kennel club and day two alone with dogs

working together, enjoying each other's company

When you've been into dogs for a while, I mean when they really start taking up a big chunk of your life and your passion, eventually you become one of the millions of people all around the globe who belong to some sort of a dog club. When you go to a kennel club meeting, and you say I have nine dogs, people don't look at you like you grew an extra nose, they just ask you what kind of dogs they are.

Now, back when I had fourteen horses and was hauling myself and a horse or two to events all over the east coast, if you had sauntered up to me and said, "Hey one day you'll live in Western Kentucky on a corner lot in Paducah and have nine dogs and belong to the Paducah Kennel Club," I would have laughed so hard that I would have woken up from what ever weird dream I was having.

But here I am and here we are and there you go and I belong to the Best Dog Club In The World.

Ok, I spent twenty minutes writing how great the Paducah Kennel Club is, and erased it, and re-wrote it, and ditched it. I can't make it not sound sappy. I added photos and then deleted them and looks like you're just going to have to take my word. The people are the best. We work well together and we laugh and we congratulate each other and I love my kennel club.

the President out mowin' the lovely property

And now Day Two Alone With Dogs

We did ok on our day two without Bill. I got everyone up and out and walked without incident. I walked the last three one at a time. And the little stinkers! One on one, they behave like little angels when faced with vermin of all sorts. Swede William had two squirrels run down a tree right at him, and boy was I ready to do some serious training. Delicious treats in pocket, death grip on his leash, cortisone injections working on my shoulders. I was ready.

I said, I was ready, William! William trotted along, Swedish Mr. Manners. La la la squirrels what squirrels?

And then on Lindy Loo's walk, as I was talking to a neighbor, their cat strolled up just as happy as you please. "He thinks he's a dog," said my neighbor. "She knows he's not," said I, steeling myself for the craziness that would surely begin any second now. "La la la cat what cat?" said Miss Innocence and Light.

Sam I Am got to meet Mr. Turn Off Your Electricity Man. Seems Bill got the payment dates mixed up - again. I am NOT complaining. Bill is willing to pay the bills and if it were up to me we'd be in jail . In fact the very same Mr. Turn Off Your Electricity Man came to visit us the very last time Bill went out of town. But I'm sure it's a coincidence and not a plan on Bill's part. So Sammy and I were just coming around the corner to head off on our walk when we saw Mr. Turn Off Your Electricity Man pounding on the front door. "Hi!" said Sammy. "I remember you; it's great to see you." Now, I personally think that if Sam I Am had been all growlly and horribly rude, Mr. Turn Off Your Electricity Man would have carried out his intentions. But with Sam being so very charming and welcoming? He did not. Which is why I can be telling you this story: I have electricity.

There you have it. Life is good. Delia is stuck like glue to me and I am delighting in her presence. I have electricity. I belong to the world's best kennel club.

It was a glorious day. Come home safe to me, Bill. Have a wonderful time and give everyone an extra hug for me. We're doing fine, but we miss you.


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  1. I love how dogs change humans lives, wouldn't have it any other way....Woofs, Johann


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