Monday, October 22, 2007

Last Leg

We're up and ready to go. The dogs are already in the van eating their breakfast. I'm so proud of them. I'm not the only one with dogs who loves this hotel. There are always lots of dogs here. My fear is that I will be walking down the hall with my five and someone will emerge from a room with a little white fluffy dog, looking all the world like a bunny to doggy eyes, and my dogs would set off the WAHOOOOOOO ALARM! So I hold my breath, and peek down the hall before we zoom from our room to the stairway, down the stairs, and out.
When we got outside this morning, there was a little fluffy dog to the left, and a big hairy German shepherd and his little fluffy friend to the right. OY. But, aside from one tiny woof from Lindy Loo who felt it her duty, quiet whippets abounded! Good, good wonderful dogs!
The gang quickly did their businesses and I got it all picked up in no time. (So many people who travel with their dogs apparently don't know about cleaning up after them. We have to watch where we step. It's a shame.) They are munching on breakfast and chewies and waiting for me, so I better wrap this up.
I can't wait to get home to my Bill and the rest of the waggle. Nine more hours.



  1. I think the problem is people don't carry bags with them. But they definitely should. :P

    Have a safe trip; you'll be home before you know it. There will be much hugging and kissing and dancing and prancing! Probably some zoomies too.

  2. It sounds like the waggle are a credit to you! I hope the journey home goes well. Incidentally, Lesley is my mother, and Tilly & Princes 'grandmother'!

  3. Travel safe! I'm sure you're very anxious to be home!

    Love ya lots,

  4. They are wonderful dogs and a real credit to you. If only people who have children could train them to be so well behaved.

    I love visiting gardens and one of the Head Gardeners once told me that the children do more harm than dogs therefore they wouldn't dream of banning dogs from their garden. Quite right!

  5. Hope your return trip was uneventful!



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